Dr Mark Ibsen -after 7 yrs – trying to get justice from the MT medical licensing board

Mandams Dr Ibsen

The above link is a 20 page *.pdf of the legal paperwork that Dr Ibsen has filed against the MT medical license board and some of its ancillary staff.  They have been dragging out justice for Mark for abt 7 yrs.  By just about anyone who has witnessed this from the very beginning… the board has been dragging their feet in coming to a conclusion and taking the necessary actions to exonerate and liberate Mark’s medical license.


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  1. Wow 7 years huh? The nedical boards are homding hostage some ofvour most valuable assets in tbe nmedical field! I elie e this is evrevious and not timely! Sue thier ass! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

  2. Steve I tried link it doesnt appear to be opening up
    Just a heads up if no one has yet

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