Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed : IT IS TIME TO ACT 02-29-20

Yes there are problems, but far far less than reported. Just like wearing masks to prevent coronovirus has been shown to be waste of time (hand washing is key) people do it .FEAR. We will do anything to keep dope fiends out of our neighborhoods so we have a medical police state with interrogations,(i was just interrogated by a pharmacist today), denials of medications, raided doctors and druggists. Addicts do not go to pharmacies but drug hustlers do, but only 1%. Do we use a cannon or a nightstick. We need to stop check point charlie mentality. It did not work. People always figure a way over the wall. How much do we expend? How many do we harm. THIS NEEDS TO STOP WERE ARE CLOSE TO THE PROP/CDC GOAL OF NO PAIN MEDICINES FOR AMERICANS – EVER

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  1. Correction: there is an opposing organization which is patient centered called PROMPT. Their founders are physicians and pharmacists. May PROMPT help those of us who suffer non-cancer intractable pain.

    • Prop is the one that set up all these bull crap guidelines. They sure won’t help they CAUSED THIS! I don’t believe there is a prompt!

  2. Dr. Kline, thank you for an informative Op-Ed via YouTube. But tell me….where is PROMPT in all of this? Just as there is PROP, there is a patient centered organization. The long name for this organization is “Professionals for Rational Monitoring”, and its key founders truly demonstrate care for patients diagnosed with non-cancer intractable pain. Is PROMPT assisting your dilemma, Dr. Kline? I hope so!

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