docs charged in OD deaths of people who they had not seen as pts for 2-3 yrs

Patient, attorney defend doctors accused of overprescribing meds that led to drug overdose

CONROE, Texas – Defense attorneys and patients are speaking out after four doctors were arrested and charged with improperly prescribing controlled substances to patients

The District Attorney’s Office said some of the prescribed drugs included fentanyl, morphine and hydrocodone. 

What are prosecutors saying?

Prosecutors said the doctors prescribed drugs to 15 people, who later died from a drug overdose. Eight of those deaths have now resulted in criminal charges. 

Attorney and patient speak against the charges

Attorney Letita Quinones represents Dr. Fadi Ghanem. She believes the District Attorney’s Office has made a mistake.

“They were not patients of Dr. Ghanem’s for over two to three years. So, it’s not like they left Dr. Ghanem’s office, filled a prescription and then died,” Quinones said. 

Carolyn Styles, a patient of Dr. Miguel Flores for more than 30 years, said she doesn’t believe the allegations.

“When my husband passed, he wouldn’t even give me anything, not that kind of drug or even a sleeping pill. He’s just not that way,” Styles said.

What happened?

Investigators said In October 2018, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office received federal grant funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance in order to investigate and prosecute prescription drug diversion in the county. 

The DA’s office was able to identify the doctors by using autopsy data from the Montgomery County Forensic Services Department and analyzing the doctors prescribing habits. 

“We were looking at certain patients that had died,” said Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Tamara Holland. “We looked at some of their medical records and that’s what led us to some of the doctors.” 

Here are the doctors prosecutors said were identified as part of the investigation. 

– Dr. Hussamaddin Al-Khadour  

Charges: One count of operating a pain management clinic without being properly registered and one count for writing a false or fictitious prescription.

– Dr. Emad Mikhail Bishai 

Charges: Four counts of committing unprofessional or dishonorable conduct by prescribing to a person who Bishai knew or should have known was an abuser of controlled substances and four counts of prescribing without a valid medical purpose. 

These counts are related to four overdose deaths. Bishai has also been charged with improperly delegating professional medical responsibility that stems from his practice of pre-signing Schedule II prescription forms. 

Bishai’s office building has also been seized by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office in a civil asset forfeiture suit for being used in the commission of or acquired with proceeds from engaging in organized criminal activity, various violations of the Texas Health and Safety Code and insurance fraud.

– Dr. Miguel Flores  

Charges: One count of committing unprofessional or dishonorable conduct by prescribing to a person who Flores knew or should have known was an abuser of controlled substances and one count for prescribing without a valid medical purpose. These counts are related to one overdose death.

– Dr. Fadi Ghanem  

Charges: Three counts of committing unprofessional or dishonorable conduct by prescribing to a person who Ghanem knew or should have known was an abuser of controlled substances and three counts of prescribing without a valid medical purpose. These counts are related to three overdose deaths. 

What’s next?

The DA’s Office is asking anyone with information in this case or any other cases to call and report it.

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  1. I wondered if there was anything new on this case so I searched it and found this article which tells a bit about the ‘methodology’ used in these indictments. I am curious what you’d think about how they did their legwork.
    One of the doctors (Bishai) now has everything reinstated except his schedule II license. A second doctor at the practice is doing pain management, but is always worried about the DEA so is far less helpful to patients because of how arbitrary the CDC guidelines. And of course the variation in the efficacy of medications among individuals is being ignored to focus on tapering and keeping dosage below the magic number .
    I wonder if this strategy will be copied and make more doctors and patients suffer? While I don’t have the data set in front of me, I feel like with enough time and resources you could turn over enough stones to find just about anyone guilty of something in their work. Are these doctors being punished simply because they were good at their jobs and built successful practices? Probably.

  2. Wow this is unimaginable!!!! 3 yrs. Post seeing a Dr. they are trying to blame ODs on the Drs.? Many Drs. have a couple of abusers, just how is it, if they are doing UAs and have a practice are they suppose to know? Shame on the DEA!! It would be much better if they sought out the illicit fentanyl dealers!! Oh yea silly me, they don’t have assets they can sieze!!! Enough with the bullshit DEA, do your job and STOP PERSECUTING pain medicine Drs….do you expect them to prescribe antibiotics? STOP THE INSANITY!!!

  3. Its called ,”trump up charges,” seriously no pun intended,,Its the same abuse our forefathers faced w/England and is actually stated in the Declaration of Independence,,as 1 of several reason why they created America,,All colonist were being charged w/TRUMP UP charges of false tax evasion charges,,Again the archaic atmosphere of prejudicial hatred koldny,prop has created all in the name of more money,more money rival hitlers,,,NO DOCTOR SHOULD OF EVER BEEN CHARGE IN ANY OF THIS,,,AT ANY TIME THERE IS THING CALLED ,”FREE WILL,” AND AT ANY TIME A PATIENT CAN SAY NO,,,I DO NOT WANT OR NEED THIS MEDICINE AND CHOOSE NOT TO TAKE IT!!!!!marwy

  4. They charged a doctor in New Mexico, when one of his patients hung himself. Of course he was the only pain specialist for hundreds of miles.

  5. The govt is literally digging to find laws these doctors are accused of committing. It is absolutely absurd that our federal law enforcement, elected bureaucrats, useless alphabet agencies, and others with absolutely no license to practice medicine is dictating our medical care. These useless idiots have the blood of many on their hands. I believe one day they will have to answer to Him.

  6. No more government interference!

  7. Wow. What about self responsibility? If they had any alcohol in their system, is that the doctors fault. If the patients didn’t go back to the doctor and answer the questions about addiction. And, trust me they have those questions, is that the doctors fault? This is getting ridiculous.

  8. These prosecutors have no life or meaning to their careers. They are trying to create issues only to make themselves look like they are needed. It is truly pathetic and I hope they realize how they are presenting themselves to they public. It really makes them look so needy.

  9. Well should all call the DEA and tell them to stop the bullshit. It is not the doctors job to do background checks on people or know if someone one lies and says they never abuse drugs but they have in the past. When do we hold the lying patients responsible. You are ruining healthcare for chronic pain patients.

  10. Unbefreakinglievable. Will these anti-opiate zealots never reach a low that’s too low even for them? They demand that doctors be able to see the future? To be responsible for patients forever, even if they no longer see the patient? I sincerely hope the prosecuting attorney & everyone else involved in charging these doctors get severe, unending chronic pain & no relief for it at all.

  11. The day that we can sue the government for the suicides that occurred due to undertreated pain, justice might possibly be served.
    “Severe pain that can be treated but isn’t is like dying without the benefit of death.” Julia Heath, PA, Chronic Pain Patient

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