Medical Board Corruption is violating Your Constitutional Rights!

Medical Board Corruption is violating Your Constitutional Rights!

                                           Feldman v Federation
Patient Petition

For Patients and their families, friends and loved ones

We, the undersigned, submit this petition in support of the above lawsuit, filed by Drs. Feldman and Kaul. We are the patients, the people without whom the American healthcare system would not exist, and the people for whom the system was intended to serve. We all suffer from chronic debilitating pain, that has had devastating and tragic consequences on our lives, and those of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children. We, the voting public, the people of this country, have been forgotten by the politicians, the insurances companies and healthcare corporations, who have raped our healthcare system for profit, mercilessly and behind their faceless corporations, have, through their predatory pricing deprived us of life saving care. We are dying and no one cares, except our doctors, healers like Drs. Feldman and Kaul.
Within at least the last five years, our access to life saving treatment has been either severely reduced or completely eliminated. This is a direct consequence of rampant corruption within state medical boards and reckless, evidentially unsupported policies propagated by politically motivated state and federal bureaucrats. These agencies and the people who work within them do not care for our welfare, our lives and the unrelenting pain in which we now live, because of their own selfish economic and political agendas. We wake in pain, we live in pain, and when we can actually go to sleep, we know that our relief will be short lived. Many of us think about suicide every day. At least in death we will have relief from the excruciating agony that now plagues our existence, because corrupt medical boards have taken away the licenses of our doctors, and deprived us of care. For some of us, our doctors have been sent to jail for life, for simply doing their job, that of healing our pain. We are shocked, saddened and find it hard to believe we live in America, the supposed land  of the free and the brave. Well those brave enough to treat our complicated and debilitating pain have been mercilessly thrown into concrete cages, had their careers destroyed and left to rot, while we, and there are now many of us, have been abandoned by the profiteers and opportunists who now run our healthcare system. At the center of this cesspool of corruption are the state medical boards, who claim to “protect the public”. This is a massive lie.
These agencies abuse their power, unregulated, unsupervised and existing not to help the public, but to exploit and profit from the public, us. They use us as their excuse, their cover, to perpetrate their crimes against humanity. Their crimes contribute to the epidemic of physician suicides in the United States, reported as four hundred a year, although the number is likely much higher, and they kill patients, by taking away our doctors, jailing our doctors and causing them to commit suicide. Corrupt medical boards have permitted corrupt insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare corporations to financially rape the American public, dictate local healthcare policy, and revoke the licenses of our doctors in the most cruel and arbitrary manner, with no regard for due process or the law. All of these events have caused us and our families immense suffering, and for too long we have suffered in silence, hoping that eventually sense would prevail, that our doctors would start to take care of us once again, without fear of jail or license revocation. We now see that hope in the lawsuit that Drs. Feldman and Kaul are about to file. We see two dedicated, courageous and committed men, whose fight is a righteous one, one for the people, for us, the American people, the people who pay taxes, who vote and who power, we are convinced, will cause Drs. Feldman and Kaul to prevail in their landmark case to end medical board corruption.
We will be victorious in our fight for justice.


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  1. The corruption of every aspect of the healthcare system is how market based for profit healthcare works. It is not even illegal or frowned upon anymore to take money from lobbyists or the industry to suppress facts and help the criminals.

    We are in post fact America, facts and reality are not profitable. Whether it is the cover up , of the deaths from Legionnaires Disease in Flint Michigan, or marketing nicotine products to children, nothing is off limits. Medical boards protect the industry, and ensure profitability. They no longer function as intended, in fact they actively engage in protecting the bad actors.

    In my state there is a serious and deadly shortage of physicians, yet the medical board. persecuted physicians that treated pain. The state with the highest suicide rate in the nation, and virtually no behavioral health system, or access to healthcare, targeted good physicians, that treated pain. Patients die every day due to bad healthcare, lack of access, and many are forced to consider suicide.

    What we have here is a criminal conspiracy and broken justice system. Decisions based on lies, misinformation and propaganda, are destroying lives. No agency is keeping track of the deaths, suicides or unintended consequences, because that kind of factual information is inconvenient.

    It is called corporate Fascism, and we are living it!

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