Study: 40% of Doctors Refuse New Chronic Pain Patients Using Opioids





Many/most of the people who are running in the Democratic primary claim that healthcare is a RIGHT…. They are promoting “Medicare for all” but what they are describing is “Medicaid for all” because they are talking about services covered from “first dollar” which describes MEDICAID and no one is mentioning monthly premiums, deductibles and co-pays to be paid by the pt which is the norm for Medicare.

Shouldn’t these potential Presidential candidates be pressed to answer if they will make the DEA do their job of stopping illegal drug traffic because the illegal drugs (illegal Fentanyl, meth, cocaine) is what is causing the majority of the OD’s. They should also go after the diverters conning prescribers and does “healthcare for all” include that all substance abusers are entitled to treatment ?  What they are promising – in generalities – has a lot of components that should be inclusive.  Should those who are making these promises … should their feet be held to the fire to expand the details of what their version of “Medicare for all” really means ?

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  1. There are different versions, some are corporate friendly where they want to create a two tired healthcare system and protect the corrupt insurance companies, who exploited the ACA and are still controlling the narrative. The others call for systemic change, a system where profiteering and corruption would be Illegal. We can’t even have meaningful discussion, due to the lobbying and non stop propaganda coming from the pharma, insurance and industry interests.

    Physicians are under no obligation to treat patients they consider unprofitable, or troublesome. In most markets there is a physician shortage anyway, who they can pick and choose. Thanks to big data, they can do credit and insurance checks on patients before they even set an appointment. When patients are forced to go to the ER, they can be dissuaded and threatened there too.

    The media is complicit here, protecting the industry and keeping the public misinformed. There was a reason this country used to have laws about health marketing, now the public is exposed to non stop industry propaganda. The republicans want a hunger Games approach to healthcare, to protect industry profits, while the democrats are in denial about the facts of the ACA. The US has the most expensive and least effective healthcare in the developed world. This is the system we get when regulatory agencies are taken over by industry insiders.

    The occasional lawsuit presented as if there is any justice at all, is a Salient Exemplar. It gives the appearance of justice or accountability when there is none. This country needs a reckoning, not more industry propaganda. Watching politicians in Congress drive to tears protecting their industry puppeteers should have woken people up. In the US people suffer and die every day, denied even basic pain care, after they have been fully exploited for every dollar left in their insurance.

    No research has been done on how many have died or how many were forced to undergo painful, intrusive and dangerous surgeries even at the end of life. A system with profit as the only goal has become perverse expensive and dangerous. We watched as the so called opioid crisis unfurled, the pharma industry colluded to keep prices up, and the insurance industry bought off the regulators. People are dying as these corrupt and dangerous corporations make billions, at our expense. The system is much to corrupt to fix, we just saw it with the pharma pricing debacle. They could not even get the facts out on all of that.

  2. Not only should they be pressed, if they would address the “pain management crisis”, how many (voters) would listen to promises made? The return of effective pain management? Stop the stigma of being treated for lifelong pain. Everybody needs be respected. Stop the torture. 20 maybe 30 million sets of ears?

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