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Attention: Dr Tennant who supports us chronic  pain patients is asking that we patients —wright Paul Ramsey letters and get Jane Ballantyne fired and removed !!!
she’s the one who’s culpable in getting the CDC to write the restrictions and she’s claiming we don’t need opiodes and she stated that we pain patients need to embrace our pain and accept it !!!

now Dr Tennant is asking that we write letters to Paul Ramsey Who is the CEO of the UW medicine and Dean of school of medicine and ask for Jane Ballantyne removal immediately along with Sullivan they are both prop members who have caused this mess..
Please help n share.

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  1. According to the UW website, she is retired as a professor! Thank God! But how many doctors has she twisted with her beliefs? I shudder to think how it will affect my CIPP husband further, who has already been forcibly tapered and has lost much of his quality of life.

  2. At my last appointment I got a considerable lecture from my doc about how brilliant & universally respected JB is. I somehow managed not to scream, curse, or throw up, but it was a near thing.

    At the previous appt, he’d given me a printout of one of her powerpoint presentations…utterly lacking in any evidentiary backing, of course, outside a reference to her own creative writing piece on how addiction & physiological dependency are the same thing. I commented that it was pure belief, and that there was lots of actual evidence contradicting her, which I’d printed out & proceeded to give to him. He claimed he’d read them, tho my skepticism was rampant. I’ll find out monday, I guess.

    If she does get canned,* I’m sure her acolytes will make sure she gets portrayed as a martyr of the True Cause of the Church of Opiophobia & take good care of her, but I’ll dance in the streets anyway…to the very limited extent I can dance any more. More like a slow shuffle.

    *& how richly she deserves to be

  3. from his bio on UW web page Dr. Ramsey’s research has focused on assessing physicians’ clinical competence.

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