The 8th Amendment only applies to prisoners – NOT TO “FREE USA CITIZENS”

***This video is the formal plea from 9 people (Susie Meneely, Reva Parker, Heidi Hines-Shattuck, Bree Wilson, Dawn Anderson, Cherie Sandretzky, Jessie Ray & *Suzanne Stewart (*the producer & editor of this video) who are also living with chronic pain. This is a very short piece of their stories and a very big plea to the News media, the Government of the USA and anyone else who may be able to help us. In 2016, the CDC wrote a set of guidelines (in secret without any real pain physicians present) for the prescribing of opioid pain medications. These meds have helped to relieve some chronic pain for humans for centuries. They have somehow turned into “Laws” in all of the 50 states. People who live with multiple chronic pain illnesses are now dying and/or committing suicide due to untreated or under-treated chronic pain. Please share this video with people who might be able to help us. I received the full videos from each of these women. I exited all of our stories and pleas. Please know that I invited all men and women living with the results of these CDC Guidelines. These are the persons who responded to my own pleas to make a video and send it to as many as possible who may be able to listen and help all chronic pain patients. Thank you for Watching!

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  1. I live in chronic pain from a motorcycle wreck. A 16 year old kid came around a corner in my lane and hit me. It just about tore my leg off . The drs reattached it the best they could, but now I wish they had removed it. For the last ten years I have went to all kinds of Drs with no luck. I was going to a pain management dr and was living ok. Then here came theDEA sobs i had just had fallen and broke my hip. The mode cut my meds I n half and I thought I would rather . I found a dr that understand what my pain was and he said we had to stay bellow a certain dose that Dr has stopped me from suicide.Thak you you 1

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