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  1. Politicians do not deal with this. Office staff puts down what will get votes. That is why it is critical to research and find out what their actions have been. How did they vote ? If they wrote or co-sponsored bills. Read those bills very carefully. Do not depend on anyone to tell you what it says. Politicians and those that work for them. will say and do anything to get elected. That includes lie. Politicians count on voters not doing independent research on their own.

  2. I found the disability advocate group for my state on Facebook had sent out questionnaires to everyone running for office. Almost 100% of them were returned. Reading through the ones that pertained to my area were very helpful. This was just one way that the disability advocate Facebook group reached out to those running for office. You may be able to find a disability advocate group for your state through a Facebook or a general internet search.

  3. It is hard to educate ourselves on who to vote for. It’s hard for those in chronic pain to follow news, politics, etc. when finding pain relief is the main thing on our minds. It’s hard to dig and focus. Steve, can you help by giving some basic direction on how to locate the candidates in our state & review them? Is there a one-stop-shop that lets us compare the candidates? Of course we don’t expect you to go through each state, just general concepts on how-to.

    • I am of the theory that since 98% of Congress expects to get elected regardless of what they have done/ not done during their term and/or promised or not promised and done just the opposite and sends out letters/emails that often have nothing to do with what the constituent wrote about. IMO.. as long as the 98% reelection rate continues… they will not listen to constituents… the opiate bills they just passed… only 9 members of the House vote NO and one member of the Senate voted NO.. only time in this Congressional session they have come together in a bi-partition way… most everything else was voted along party lines. Congress functions on a seniority basis… 87% of Congress is up for re-election 435 House and 33 Senators… IMO.. the only way to get their attention is to disrupt the seniority function and disrupt the 98% re-election expectation. IMO.. would increase the chance that the next Congress will listen to constituents and would also disrupt the lobbyists long established relationship with members of Congress… they spend 9+ million/day trying to influence members of Congress … they will have to start all over again establishing relationships with members of Congress to try to win favor on issues that those who employ them are wanting to get done/passed. If we want change… IMO … we have to force change… during the Kavanaugh hearing I heard of could of the members of Congress making reference to their 30-44 yrs in Congress.. After President Roosevelt Congress put term limits on the President… but they appear to have never considered it for Congress… self-serving ?

  4. Most people I have spoken to about this issue doesn’t know who to vote for. Especially, since it’s a bipartisan issue.

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