Musician Prince’s death: caused by illegal/counterfeit “Norco” tabs containing illegal Fentanyl analog

New Documents Describe Prince’s Stay in an Illinois Hospital

On Tuesday, KSTP received documents specifically to the death of Prince in the days before he was found dead at Paisley Park.

The documents touch on Prince’s plane making an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois. The DEA documents indicate Prince had to be carried off that plane and placed on a cot. The documents indicate he was only taking three to five breaths per minute. Paramedics had to give him four milligrams of Narcan for him to regain consciousness.

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KSTP spoke with Prince’s cousin Charles ‘Chaz’ Smith on his thoughts about the new information.

“After you’ve taken a Narcan shot, they should observe you. You should be somewhere where they can check on you 24 hours to 48 hours,” he said.

Hospital paperwork says Prince was suffering from a drug overdose. That same paperwork indicates throughout his stay Prince continuously refused blood draws and EKG tests even after several doctors and a nurse told him of the importance of having it done.

Smith was asked whether religion or a distrust of medical professionals played a part in Prince refusing help.

TIMELINE of Events Surrounding Prince’s Death

“I would say it was both of them things and then it might have been the entourage maybe not knowing what to do to override something like that. Religion’s pretty heavy and he was a spiritual man,” Smith said.

The documents go on to say Prince or someone with him arranged for a private plane to bring him back to Chanhassen.

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