Another PARANOID prescriber ?

In case any of your readers still believe this “opioid war” is not harming the innocent, please tell them to read on:

I let my little 17 year old dog, who could not see very well, out into our fenced-in yard so she could do her business. She usually does this quickly, then barks at the door to be let back in. She managed to wedge her way through to the deck stairs, which had been blocked off until a recent storm with high winds shifted it a bit. (We were not aware this happened). She ended up walking through the slats and fell 9 to 10 ft onto the ground.

Fortunately, she didn’t seem to be in severe pain, but I rushed her to vet to have her checked out. X-rays showed severe arthritis in her hips and a hairline crack in her pelvic bone, plus the fall had knocked a tooth loose, which the vet easily removed while there. She wasn’t yelping like she was in severe pain, but she was clearly in some pain and was unable to stand up for any length of time, even just to do her business. use the restroom.

They prescribed her some canine anti-inflammatory medication. I asked if they could give her something a little stronger that she could take with the Rimadyl for the pain, even a few tramadol pills, as she had taken some many years ago after she had been spayed. Yep, you guessed it. I was assumed to be “drug seeking.” I wondered if they thought I purposely harmed my elderly dog who was clearly well taken care of just so I could pay a $400 vet bill and “score” a few tramadol pills. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

You read this correctly – elderly little dog, obviously injured with a fractured pelvic bone and in pain, given nothing for her pain, even on a temporary basis. I’ve been taking tramadol for many years on a regular basis for chronic pain, so I gave her one-half of a 50 mg pill , which is the correct dosage for her weight, every 6 hours along with the anti-inflammatory pill to keep her pain level down and see if she might have a chance to heal over time.

Unfortunately, my medication and her’s was not enough to allow her to sit up or stand for any length of time and couldn’t control her bladder or bowels. She had no quality to her life, so the next day, I had her put to sleep. I’m incredibly upset at myself for not checking the blocked entrance to our deck stairs after the storm and even more upset over losing her, however, I’m furious that the vet I had been using for 20 plus years actually bought into this propaganda and would have forced my dog to suffer had I not given her my medication.

So not only are innocent humans suffering so needlessly but our beloved pets are also being forced to suffer. There was absolutely no reason the vet could not have prescribed a few tramadols (or something stronger) to her on a temporary basis. All of my pets were only at the vet for their yearly check-ups and shots, except for the occasional “need an anti-biotic” moment. I guess now every pet “parent” will be accused of “drug seeking” when anyone brings in their injured pet.

So in case you have any readers who still believe that opioid-based medicine is prescribed “too freely,” perhaps they need to read this. Most within society refuse to extend the compassion they have towards innocent animals to vulnerable humans in pain due to chronic illness, permanent injury, disability or old age, which is something I’ve never understood (and I’m a huge animal lover). Perhaps when their beloved pet is forced to suffer so needlessly, they’ll wake the hell up.

 We had a similar – but different – situation just one year ago with the vet that we use… our then 14.5 y/o Shiz Tzu was diagnosed with numerous malignant liver tumors … because of his age and the number of tumors.. neither surgery nor chemo was a option. This is a large 5-6 vet practice and we have used for 25-30 yrs and they were quite liberal with the Tramadol that we had access to help us keep our little guy comfortable, until one day he stopped eating and following the next day when he stopped drinking. I have heard of people who have harmed their pets in order to take them to the vet to get some pain meds for their pet… which they intend to take themselves. It is a shame that some vets have responded in such a paranoid manner and totally disregard the needs of the animals they are supposedly dedicated to take care of. Hopefully this “pet parent”will find a new vet to take care of their future pets.

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  1. It’s a sad shame. But if you blame professionals you are barking up the wrong tree,
    Scratching at the wrong post.
    It’s a hostile regulatory environment now.
    I recently won my case with the Montana Board of Medicine, who tried to revoke my license despite my proving that I was quite successful in Weaning patients off opiates, directing them towards cannabis and other alternatives.
    I have been contacted by over 40 patients, former ones and others from across the country.
    I’ve tokd each of them I would resume their stable, palliative pain care-
    They come with a letter from the Governor, Medical Board, a Senator,
    The ACLU, Attorney General,
    United Nations.
    No One has been able to obtain such a letter.
    Now, they realize this is a political problem and s cultural one.
    I’ve worked with Mother Teresa, HH The Dalai Lama, and I’ve been practicing since 1983.
    Doctors are some of the most vulnerable members of the economy now.
    I’m at risk for federal charges, state board action.
    I’ve been accused of insurance fraud( very difficult to Disprove) and I cannot risk following the Hippocratic Oath.
    The standard of care in the state of Montana is established by a jury of 12 and a county attorney in Hamilton.

    I alone am powerless to change this, despite my 5 year battle for my survival.

    Yeah. You may put it that way.
    I feel more like it’s impossible in the current culture to do the right thing. Your Vet didn’t suddenly close his heart to suffering animals.
    Your vet saw the writing on the wall. My professional societies are complicit in this

    For us.

    No one in this country has actually agreed to this.
    No one voted in favor of the Holocaust either.
    Until people march in the streets
    This is what we will have.

  2. Un-fricking-believable. I cried, then I got angry. Vets, people suffering excriciating pain killing themselves? An elderly woman shot herself to get a few hours of relief. Now drug seekers harming their beloved pets to cop Tramadol? A schedule IV synthetic that an addict would need 20 pills to get high on….
    Yes addicts are great manipulators, great actors but this is insane! We, as CPPs are in for hell on earth.

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