What happened to the OBESITY EPIDEMIC ?

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850 will die from OBESITY — TODAY 

Remember a year or two ago… nightly in the media… there was WARNINGS about our OBESITY EPIDEMIC ?

But it is estimated that  850 DIED EVERY DAY IN 2016 from OBESITY.  Obesity is the FOURTH LARGEST CAUSE OF DEATH.. behind Heart Disease, Cancer & Tobacco/Nicotine.

Since 850 deaths per day … would appear to be AT LEAST TEN TIMES the number of opiate OD death per day that is being reported…  as an EPIDEMIC

I guess that a EPIDEMIC is in the eye of the beholder and what they can get the media to believe

Does that mean that the MEDIA is pretty gullible or the public is pretty gullible about all the fake epidemic(s) that various parts of our society is allowed to fabricate and promote.

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