Today is 07/20/2017

2016 in review … what killed us

2600 Americans will die EVERY DAY – from various reasons


140 will be SUCCESSFUL – including 20 veterans

270 will die from hospital acquired antibiotic resistant “bug” because staff won’t properly wash hands and/or proper infection control.

350 will die from their use/abuse of the drug ALCOHOL

1200 will die from their use/abuse of the drug NICOTINE

1400 will contract C-DIF from Hospital or Nursing home because staff doesn’t properly wash their hands are adhere to infection control       80 WILL DIE mostly elderly.

850 will die from OBESITY

700 will die from medical errors

150 will die from Flu/Pneumonia

80 will die from Homicide

80 will die in car accidents


I am being completely weaned off my meds, & suspect I will kill myself with the amount of pain I am in, & will be by the time this is over (the wean that is). Already can’t function.

My husband committed suicide after being abandoned by his pain dr.

Please pray for me as I am on the brink of suicide! I don’t want to die but can’t handle the pain anymore! The doctor that I am currently seeing will not give me enough pills to last all month every month… I have to wait until Oct to get in with a pain management doctor whom I already know by others that I know sees this doctor that he will help me, need prayer to hold on until oct… I keep thinking of my family who needs me hear.

“We just lost another intractable member of our support group two nights ago. She committed suicide because her medications were taken away for interstitial cystitis (a horribly painful bladder condition) and pudendal neuralgia, both of which she had battled for years

D D., journalist and prescribed fentanyl patient for a dozen years joined me on air last weekend with her husband and spoke of her suicide plan should the only relief from constant agony be heavily reduced or taken away.

I was told last Friday that my Dr. will be tapering my meds again . When I told him I didn’t think my body could take another lowering he stated ” it wasn’t my
License on the line”, I stated ” no , but it’s my life on the line”!!!!! I can not continue to live this way . I can not continue to suffer in agony when my medications and dose where working just fine before and I was a productive member of society . I can no longer take this. I have a plan in place to end my life myself When I am forced to reduce my Medications again . I just can’t do it anymore .


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  1. it really does appear,,the chronic physical pain people are just employement for the dea,,and others,,,,,Since there are obviously other ,”issues,” that are killing more American,,,,,maryw

  2. Two legal substances with no medicinal purpose contributes to more than 580,000 deaths each year in this nation alone.

    Over the course of 15 years (yes, 15 years) those “evil” opioids contributed to LESS THAN 200,000 deaths (this is medication that helps relieve pain and suffering, only deadly – with the exception of a rare allergic reaction – when PURPOSELY MISUSED).

    Two legal substances that make quite a bit of revenue for our local, state and federal governments (due to the “sin taxes imposed on them) contributes to more than 1,550 deaths PER DAY …

    yet 70 (or 90 or whatever number Big Brother pulls out of the asses that day) deaths per day is considered an “epidemic.”

    Open your eyes, people … Big Brother has its priorities screwed up … though I’d say those “priorities” involve financial incentives .

    There’s lots of $$ to be made from the production of medications which “treat” opioid addiction, production of non-opioid “pain relievers” (usually in the form of psychiatric medications) and production of more detox inpatient/outpatient facilities.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

  3. 100% agree, Mary. Big Brother does NOTHING unless it involves financial incentives. We’re being “nannied” to death – not because our government is so “caring” and “empathetic.” (Cue the violins). It’s because they can make a ton of $$ off these excessive restrictions. I literally can’t believe there are people who are dumb enough to believe our government is doing this “for our own good.” I think society in general has become so dumbed down, they no longer know how to think for themselves.

  4. Ditto Tracey,,,,,,y doesn’t anyone use their own brains anymore??I saw some say,,,its easier for the publicto believe a lie,,,then it is to search for the truth,””If it doesn’t effect them,,,they don’t care,,,,,,,,which is NOT,,, how it use to be,,,,,,we use to give a dam about our fellow mankind,,u know,,,,if they do it someone else,,,,they will do it to u type mentality,,,,,but this whole genocide,,,,was planned,,,m

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