The Hits – or duck and cover – keeps coming !

It took Dennis Miller years to get his material for his book  PHARMACY EXPOSED 1,000 Things That Can Go Deadly Wrong At the Drugstore

NECC ( New England Compounding Center) may create as many issues all by themselves in a matter of weeks or months…

First there is this article from The SACRAMENTO BEE

Pharmacy in outbreak lacked proper Minn. license

State pharmacy board director Cody Wiberg said Wednesday that the New England Compounding Center should have been licensed as a wholesaler and manufacturer in order to sell the drug in bulk to clinics. He says the company has a Minnesota pharmacy license, but that doesn’t allow bulk distribution of mixed drugs.That license only allows filling of individual prescriptions.

Then there is this from REUTERS    Meningitis outbreak tangles 2 pharmacies with common owners

I posted previously that NECC and Ameridose were “sister companies”… now we find out… they have a common ownership and the VP at Ameridose ( Head of Regulatory Affairs)  is also on the MA Board of Pharmacy.. OUCH !

Then there is the WASHINGTON POST   After meningitis outbreak, more oversight on compounding pharmacies

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health says that state rules allow pharmacies to dispense compounded drugs only for the prescription of an individual patient. A good question is whether the New England Compounding Center followed this rule in shipping tens of thousands of doses. OUCH…. OUCH …

And then there is this from OHIO… suspending NECC’s mail order pharmacy license in OHIO…

the question has to be asked… what are the other BOP’s waiting for… even if the action is more symbolic than anything else… are the rest  of the BOP’s just asleep at the switch.. A recent report stated that only three states do not require pharmacies that ship meds into their state to have a mail order license from the state. And NECC reportedly had mail order licenses in 40 odd states.

It is estimated that community/retail pharmacies KILL 9000 people every year with medication errors…but.. you never heard about those.. because the major corporate pharmacies have a systematic processes in place to “settle things” before they reach the media. It is also estimated that all of healthcare kills 200,000 annually

They use to say that doctors can bury their mistakes … because they sign the death certificate…  maybe corporate health care can bury their mistakes because they can “sign a check”.

I can sense the personal injury attorneys starting to “circle” already – cha-ching !


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