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You can read this for yourself… but .. IMO.. this Rx dept manager has “signed on” to the value of metrics and a GOOD THING !
I have been a customer of CVS Pharmacy (Silverlake Store/Pearland, TX 77584) since moving to this area over 7 years ago; and a customer of CVS in general for over 10 years?.

I am the type of person who spends money where I get the best customer service, and up until the last year they had excellent customer service;. But recently they have changed over the entire pharmacy staff, and it is atrocious to say the least;. There have been many mistakes such as almost giving me someone else’s prescription, which was a narcotic’. I only caught it when as I was walking away I realized the cost was off and stopped to check it.. Situations like this have happened twice in the last several months?.

I used to love this store, but since the staffing change, most pharmacy employees are rude, abrupt, and very much lacking people skills..

I have even contacted the Regional Manager of the pharmacy, Nandin Kumar, who was very apologetic when I explained the situations I was experiencing, and even said he would have the pharmacy manager call me directly so she could get my feedback, and hopefully improve their performance”. THAT WAS A HORRIBLE MISTAKE.

When the manager called me, she proceeded to talk about how much better they were doing since she took over, she had never heard any complaints like this, and how there ‘METRICS’ showed they were doing a better job than the previous staff.

As a consumer and long time customer I could care less about her metrics, and told her that was irrelevant, and that I was a customer expressing my complaints and that her METRICS were not attempting to address the things I was experiencing and had expressed to her regional manager and now to her. I can now see why most of the employees in the pharmacy have horrible customer service skills, because employees reflect the attitudes and personalities of their leader,…the manager.

The experience I just had tonight was horrible too, and the very last time I will spend a penny at a CVS Pharmacy. I can take my business to someplace that will at least treat me with dignity and respect. The ‘woman’ at the drive through window was rude, and loud. It is very rarely that I let anyone get me upset over a pharmacy issue, but this person really ‘pissed me off’!

CVS is not worth my time or money anymore. I do not have to spend my money to be treated rudely.


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