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TO DO LIST: File a complaint against ICE with Office for Civil Rights & Civil Liberties, within Dept. of Homeland Security 202-401-1474 Call the RNC and blast them for trying to blame their policy on the Dems, as they engage in horrific cruelty. Let them know we’re on to their lies. 202-863-8500 Call the White […]

Man stole cancer patient’s painkillers before dumping body in woods, docs show COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) – A murder suspect is accused of stealing a cancer patient’s medication before dumping her body in a wooded area last week. Kenneth Jones, 38, targeted his own cousin, Denita “Marci” Satchwell, in a plot to take her painkillers, according to court documents filed in Kenton County. 58-year-old Satchwell was a […]

CVS to pt: please take your prescriptions to another pharmacy.. don’t bother us with them…

Hi Steve my name is xxxxx and I’m having a problem with CVS filling my prescription for Norcos. I’ve been going to them for several years but every other month it seems they run out of the meds. Waiting for delivery. Tell me to go elsewhere etc.  I’ve been getting the same prescription since 2008 […]

AMA opposes CVS-Aetna deal

AMA opposes CVS-Aetna deal Dive Brief: The American Medical Association pushed against the CVS Health-Aetna deal during a hearing on the proposed acquisition in San Francisco Tuesday, warning it will would lead to “likely anti-competitive effects on Medicare Part D, pharmacy benefit management services, health insurance, retail pharmacy and specialty pharmacy.” Kristen Miranda, Aetna’s president […]

CVS & Walgreens now providing/charging for a service that most independent pharmacies DO FOR FREE and SAME DAY

CVS to Offer Nationwide Home Delivery of Prescription Drugs June 19, 2018 – CVS Pharmacy is now offering speedy home delivery of prescription drugs across the nation as a way to improve medication adherence, boster population health, meet consumer expectations – and potentially get ahead of competitors like Amazon who may launch similar services in […]

Sounds like a medical-deity complex ?

he is being forced by Kaiser off his meds. (Which we have heard the same from others.. it’s totally happening there and at MAYO etc… super anti pain med mentality no exceptions. Then if you refuse they have a long reach to your regular Dr’s/ PM’s and you lose either way). But he works for […]

Steps You Can Take When You Receive the Wrong Medication and Get Sicker

Steps You Can Take When You Receive the Wrong Medication and Get Sicker In April 2018, leading pharmacy trade magazine Drug Topics published a feature titled “Your 10 Worst Pharmacy Mistakes.” One pharmacists wrote about directing a parent to give a child a teaspoon of an opioid-infused cough suppressant instead of 1 milliliter. The […]

Human Rights are just for other countries… we play by our own rules ?

The USA has been discriminating against numerous protected groups in our country for years… just chronic painers and addicts count in the hundreds of millions … and now they want to make it official that they apparently wish to continue violating the human rights of our citizens going forward

Pt is SOL because pharmacy/pharmacist doesn’t want to keep inventory for her routine medication

What is the pharmacy’s responsibility in filling an rx that they don’t have in stock? I live in Oklahoma. All schedule 2 Rxs must be submitted electronically ( or so I’ve bee told). Pharmacy law here states schedule 2 Rxs cant be transferred. How do I obtain my medication without having to wait another day […]

Kolodny: a drug (opiate) is addictive if it is prescribed for more than three days

Prescribing Opioids: How Many Are Too Many? What’s the right painkiller prescription to send home with a patient after gallbladder surgery or a cesarean section? That question is front and center as conventional approaches to pain control in the United States contribute, in the opinion of some experts, to a culture of overprescribing that […]

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