Follow the rules… pt get abandoned by prescriber… ?

Apparently, a prescriber’s oath to “do no harm” doesn’t apply to all physicians.

Bondi Justice…no one left behind…that could be jailed ?

Pill mill shut down after DEA operation, owners arrested WESTON, Fla. (WSVN) — The owner of a South Florida pill mill and seven employees have been arrested in connection to a massive pill mill operation. Dr. Lynn Averill is one of seven owners and operators arrested following a five-year operation led by the Drug […]

“No matter what kind of education is out there, people are still using it.”

Federal drug agency sees rapid rise in heroin use Federal official say the rapidly growing appetite for heroin in cities like Boston is creating lucrative drug markets and drawing the attention of drug traffickers happy to meet the demand. In an annual threat report on heroin, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration said heroin is […]

When “THE CURE” causes a condition to go from bad to TERRIBLE ?

Medication hard to come by for some pain sufferers FLORENCE – In Florence, there are two men whose lives are caught up in the growing effort to rein in the illegal use of prescription painkillers. Last year, Dr. Chris Christensen’s “cash-only” clinic was raided by federal drug agents armed with a search warrant alleging […]

When do they cross the line of professional discretion to pt/senior abuse ?


Marijuana Legalization May Get Boost, DEA Backs Off

Marijuana Legalization May Get Boost, DEA Backs Off As many have been fighting for the legalization of marijuana in all states of the U.S., they may get a boost in their fight, as the DEA has stated now that they are going to be backing off of a focus on marijuana. So far few […]

being a pharmacist a challenging, well-paid, respected profession ?

Fraud case leaves PharMerica whistle-blower bitter, seeking new career Jennifer Buth thought being a pharmacist would be a challenging, well-paid, respected profession that would let her help people safely manage pain and illness. She also quickly learned the dark side of the job. Shortly after returning to Wisconsin from Florida with a doctorate in […]

21 st century criminals out smart the system once again with technology ?

Counterfeit prescription drug ring in Baton Rouge area results in multiple arrests Ten Baton Rouge area residents who were a part of a criminal organization have been accused of fraudulently obtaining and selling prescription drugs throughout the city and surrounding area, Baton Rouge Police Cpl. Don Coppola Jr. said Wednesday evening. A Tactical Diversion […]


Health-care fraud: Little guys get jail; big guys get deals In March, Attorney General Pam Bondi announced she had nailed someone for Medicaid fraud. The culprit was a 49-year-old home-health worker from dirt-poor Gadsden County, accused of bilking the state out of $13,000. For her crime, Melissa Letica Simmons was ordered to spend six […]

More .. they do the crime.. they pay a fine.. and no one does the time

Mississippi hospital whistleblower gets $3.5M in settlement JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A former employee of a Mississippi hospital is getting almost $3.5 million as part of a string of settlements where 18 hospitals in seven states have agreed to pay $20.4 million over allegations they broke federal law by receiving Medicare reimbursements for psychiatric […]

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