It is amazing how they “count DEAD BODIES”

Back  in 2012 the New England Compounding Center distributed some compounded sterile Methylprednisolone used mostly for ESI that was contaminated with a fungus… This article from 2013 claimed : “The series of safety failures happened long before national attention focused on the New England Compounding Center, whose contaminated steroid shots were linked to 45 […]

The government is charging Dr. Kufner with doing spinal injections that, in the government reviewer’s mind, were not medically unnecessary Ronald P. Kufner, MD Ronald Kufner, MD, 68, is an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist working with multiple hospitals and other doctors and specialists around Detroit, Michigan, without joining any group. And yet he is included with the 5 doctors at The Pain Center in Warren, Michigan who are all facing charges for conspiracy […]

Punishing patients in pain won’t reduce opioid deaths

Send letters to: A patient with metastatic prostate cancer tried to kill himself after he could not get the medication he was prescribed for bone pain because a suspicious pharmacist called his insurer, which denied coverage. Barbara McAneny, the president of the American Medical Association, commented, “I share the nation’s concern that more […]

rape victim asked me to share this

Panama City doctor arrested on sexual battery charges PANAMA CITY, Fla. – A Panama City doctor has been arrested on charges of sexual battery. Dr. Bryce Jackson, an OB/GYN, was arrested by Panama City Police early Thursday morning. According to a news release from Panama City Police, “During the early morning hours of November 3, […]

Opioid crisis started 40 years ago, report argues

Efforts to fight the epidemic must focus on more than just the availability of certain drugs, the researchers say. The current opioid overdose crisis is actually part of a 40-year trend that is still headed upward, and current efforts to fight it may not be anywhere near enough, researchers said Thursday. A new analysis of […]

Pts are nothing more than a medical statistic ?

This video is a little “heavy” on the medical jargon, but it seems to point out that especially in certain medical specialties… some pts may end up a collateral damage as the healthcare provider is responding to some part of the system (hospital, insurance, etc ) to meet or exceed some ‘”metric” of how many […]

FDA warns some antibiotics can cause fatal heart damage

FDA warns some antibiotics can cause fatal heart damage Certain antibiotics can cause painful and sometimes fatal damage to the body’s main artery, the Food and Drug Administration said Thursday. Fluoroquinolone antibiotics might raise the risk of an aortic dissection, and people who are already at risk should be cautious about taking those antibiotics, […]

2-minute CLINICIAN OPIOID TAPER SURVEY Physicians, NPs, PAs, pharmacists, PLEASE HELP! Take the 2-minute CLINICIAN OPIOID TAPER SURVEY AT … Share with other prescribing clinicians!!!

A report from Human Rights Watch accuses Tennessee of regulating opioids to the point of depriving patients in pain

Human Rights Watch Accuses Tennessee Of Over-Regulating Pain Management A report from Human Rights Watch accuses Tennessee of regulating opioids to the point of depriving patients in pain. Along with Washington State, the analysis focuses on Tennessee because of its new prescribing regulations, which are considered some of the strictest in the nation. In […]

7 y/o DIES: doc claimed symptoms …”were all in his head”

‘Widespread and dangerous’: Facing medical uncertainty, some doctors tell patients it’s all in their heads         VIDEO ON LINK When 7-year-old Bailey Sheehan arrived at a hospital in Oregon partially paralyzed, a doctor said the girl was faking her symptoms to get her parents’ attention because she was jealous of her new baby sister. But […]

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