Medical care .. rationed by corporate policies and bottom line ?

Another close friend of mine with an uncurable chronic condition also had Walmart refuse her pain medication after going to that exact pharmacy 2 years! I refuse to go go Walmart, CVS or anywhere that will hurt me or other pain patients. I contacted Walmart and will again on Monday. I’m calling the corporate complaint […]

Medicare compounds the (Opiate) epidemic by funding needed opioids that can be abused The face of the nation’s opioid epidemic increasingly is gray and wrinkled. But that face often is overlooked in a crisis that frequently focuses on the young. Consider this: While opioid abuse declined in younger groups between 2002 and 2014, even sharply among those 18 to 25 years old, the epidemic almost doubled […]

MO Cops… breaking state law… stealing money from kids and schools.. enabled by AG Session ?

Missouri Cops are Diverting School Funding and Making a Joke of State Law Responding to myriad tales of abuses, like many other states, Missouri has reformed its asset forfeiture laws to require a criminal conviction before cash or property is seized and, in a bid to prevent “policing for profit,” to require that money […]

When the health system’s protecting their profit is more important than readily available services to pts ?

Declining number of rural pharmacies ‘a worrisome trend’ Small-town pharmacists dispense medication, of course. But they might also provide clinical services like immunizations and blood pressure screenings; consult on health issues; or even act as a de facto benefits or case manager for customers. Pharmacies clearly are important to health care in rural communities. […]

What are copay accumulator programs… or how the PBM’s get their “pound of flesh” from the pt Retail pharmacists and specialty pharmacists working in the trenches may have heard whispers about something called “copay accumulator programs.” But with long lines at the register, phones ringing off the hook, 65 medication therapy management (MTM) consultations to do, 30 more flu shots to give and a jammed printer…I can understand why you haven’t […]

As seen on the web – time for the chronic pain community to SPEAK UP and become VISIBLE ?

As seen on web ….

“do gooders” alive and well in Louisville Kentucky/Jefferson County

Ordinance requires restaurants to offer healthy options for kids “We just want everyone on board to have the healthiest kids we can in our community,” one councilman said. Author: Dennis Ting Published: 6:31 PM EDT May 25, 2018 Updated: 6:38 PM EDT May 25, 2018 LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) — Dining out with kids could […]

Sessions to opioid distributors: ‘I’m not shedding any tears if you’re no longer making profits’ Next week, top executives from the nation’s largest distributors of prescription painkillers will testify before Congress about the role their companies played in the deadliest drug crisis in U.S. history. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that if he were still senator, he would have tough questions and choice words for the company executives. “This […]

Indiana Board of Pharmacy: there are no formal complaints against Dr. Robert Bigler

CVS and Walmart Pharmacies have stopped filling Lafayette Dr. Robert Bigler’s pain pill prescriptions. Patients are left wondering why. LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – CVS and Walmart Pharmacies have stopped filling Lafayette Dr. Robert Bigler’s pain pill prescriptions. Patients are left wondering why. For pharmacies no longer accepting Dr. Robert Bigler’s prescriptions, Brian McIntosh has […]

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