The ticking HIPAA time bomb

I normally work in LTC , all the RPH’s and techs are in a “restricted area”, so discussing pt’s needs is part of the day to day operation… everyone is on the same page.. as far as HIPAA is concerned.. As I temp in retail/community… IMO.. it is a just a matter of time before […]

I am no longer skeptical …

I have read from post after post about how techs are now encouraged to be stool pigeons… I got a request to work in one of the big box stores – not the biggest one – .. and while I had ample tech help.. I kept getting this “bad vibe” from a 50 +/- y/o […]

Are things grossly out of sync ?

I recently read another blog the other day It would seem that a particular pt went “off the deep end”… over a mis-statement  by a technicians … which should have otherwise been a minor situation and resolved rather quickly… but according to the author, he/she actually became scared of what the pt may end […]

Watch the video before you read the text

I recently made a post about metric being a potential diversion Are you in the 50% that did not see the gorilla? Think about it… The primary purpose of the company you work for is to MAKE MONEY… Some companies will attempt at doing that .. no matter … how many shortcuts they take.. […]

Could Metrics be part of a distraction?

You know when you watch a magician, you know that they are diverting your attention from what really is going on. While all these companies that we work for our profit motivated, I just wonder how much of the understaffing and the obsession with metrics is partially a diversion. As I temp in various practice […]

Are opiates really addictive?

With all the recent discussion on gun control and mental health and those with some mental defect have done using guns .. is now the focus of the media and many bureaucrats. We know that it is claimed that Nicotine is the most addictive drug that is readily available and used by man.. It is […]

Includes but not limited to…

Have you every read your job description?… many have the phrase – or similar to – “.. includes but not limited to ..” at the beginning or the end of the job description .. This was sent to me by a RPH that works for a BIG BOX store… the largest BIG BOX store in […]


What does a corporation do to keep from being sued when a RPH refuses to break the law/practice act?  They demote you to a floater… give you no guarantee of full time hours that you previously had and typically have you staff stores 1-2 hr drive each way and work 12-14 hr days. Hoping the […]

Do the job of a pharmacist, get paid minimum wage. This was a on-line posting by -a then- person who claimed to be a CSR supervisor..  don’t know what he/she considers “job of a pharmacist”..  but…. “Caremark, we care about how sick you are, and how much money is in your pocket.” From the article: Current Customer Service Representative Supervisor in Pittsburgh, PA – […]

you would think

Have you ever went into a restaurant and see the wait staff wiping down the table and seats after someone has left.. using with a diluted solution of bleach.. to help make sure that germs are killed and limit the transmission of germs. Here is a picture that showed up in my email.. when do […]

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