Do the job of a pharmacist, get paid minimum wage.

This was a on-line posting by -a then- person who claimed to be a CSR supervisor..  don’t know what he/she considers “job of a pharmacist”..  but….

“Caremark, we care about how sick you are, and how much money is in your pocket.”

From the article:

Current Customer Service Representative Supervisor in Pittsburgh, PA Apr 29, 2009

Pros – There is no solid reason to enjoy working as a CSR in the company. Co-workers are nice and you can build friendships, however this applies just about anywhere.

Cons – Do the job of a pharmacist, get paid minimum wage. Rewards programs are constantly modified to ensure employees cannot get raises. There is mandatory promotions without pay raises or compensation, just additional responsibility. lack of training for a very high stress job where you in control of very serious medications for very sick people.

Advice to Senior Management – Allowing employees who work hard the "reward" to wear jeans... in a call center, is disrespectful and has no place in a professional work environment. Employees do not want to hear that the company is making 75 billion dollars a year when they are also on welfare because they are not paid enough to survive with this job.


Current CVS Caremark employee

  • Senior Leadership
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Career Opportunities
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Disapproves CEO Rating
  • Would not recommend this company to a friend

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