Your Ass could be exposed…

All of  us tend to operate under a optimism bias  – “it won’t happen to me”..  One area.. that if you are ignoring… could cost you dearly… that is INDIVIDUAL PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE.. If you work for a corporation, and you make a serious med error.. that ends up with a bad pt outcome… you […]

Why you need to fail… I read this today.. and saw a lot of wisdom in it… in thinking back on my career… I have often looked back on many jobs with the opinion… “.. well.. that is one more thing that I sure know how not to do  …” Some businesses, succeed in spite of how they are […]

Isolating us even further…

I have posted before YOU ARE NOT ALONE  in reading and hearing from RPH’s that many of the techs are being encouraged to being stool pigeons.. Collectively, are RPH’s so bad that the company has to have the store staffed with people who like to “report on” what the RPH says or does… Is this […]

One more thing for customers to bitch about at the register ! As of Sunday ( Jan 27th) merchants can pass along charge card merchant transaction fees to the customers that use charge cards – but not Debit cards.. 10 states have some prohibition or laws that will limit or prohibit the surcharge. Then again.. this may end up like the PBM’s and those “negotiated contracts”… […]

FDA just drove up the “street value” of Hydrocodone

According to MEDPAGES TODAY… the FDA committee recommended Hydrocodone combinations to C-II FDA Panel Votes for Tighter Controls on Vicodin SILVER SPRING, Md. — An FDA advisory committee has voted 19 to 10 in favor of moving hydrocodone combination products such as Vicodin, Lortab, and Norco into the more restrictive schedule II category of controlled […]

CVS’s is very generous with its stockholders CVS Caremark Provides Strong Growth Outlook for 2013 and Beyond, Announces 38%Dividend Increase and Outlines Strategic Growth Framework From the press release The board’s decision to increase the dividend by 38% reflects our strong performance and outlook as well as our very significant cash generation capabilities,” Today’s increase allows us to meet our 25% […]

maybe I am just missing the point CVS/pharmacy Ready to Help Medicare Part D Patients During Annual Enrollment Period From the press release: “CVS pharmacists are available throughout the Annual Enrollment Period to help patients save money by providing them all of their current prescription information required to complete plan comparisons using the online Medicare Plan Finder. While pharmacists cannot recommend […]

Here we go again !

Recently I wrote a post “AS A PATIENT – THIS REALLY SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME”.. About how Walgreens is forming ACO’s in connection with several hospital groups.. According this this article…  Insurance companies are creating their new networks – how Obamacare is suppose to work… From the article: Insurers, who are […]

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Oregon – “No. 510: New Drug Outlet Conduct Rules”; No. 511: Comment Re: August 2012 Newsletter Article No. 509”; “Veterinary Prescriptions” The Oregon State Board of Pharmacy adopted a new rule addressing the operation of Oregon pharmacies to ensure patient safety. Following is a summary of the significant provisions or OAR855-041-1166: 1. Prohibits advertising or […]

Irrational – illogical & counter productive

I just reviewed a complaint/review that a RPH that works for Rite Aid recently received from his/her PDM. The basic context of the review was that Rite Aid expects/demands SUPERIOR SERVICE Higher productivity – do more with less manhours Never miss dotting a “i” or crossing a “t” on the mounds of paperwork Make every […]

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