You had better be a salesman…

If you want to make a decent wage by the end of the decade, you had better learn how to be a salesman. The next “big thing” is for Pharmacists to create collaborative practice agreements working with prescribers. Some believe that these agreements will work while the RPH remains geographically separated from the prescribers.. the RPH’s in his/her store and the prescriber in his/her office. I have yet to meet a prescriber that is willing to sign an agreement with a Pharmacist.. other than a indy in a small town or within a medical building with the prescriber.

Pharmacists are out there talking to prescribers …particularly GP/FP’s about such issues… These prescribers have their own financial pressures and billing can be tricky to make sure the practice can afford the addition to the practice… besides… a RPH working in a practice setting is a foreign concept. My experience, the typical RPH trying to develop a collaborative agreement needs to take into consideration… working full time for one practice .. at least at first… is probably not a option.. and expecting to work for a hourly/salary amount… is probably not a option either… Be prepared to pick the type of patients that you are comfortable seeing in the practice… be prepared to agree to work one-half to one day a week or two.. at least at first… be prepared to work on getting paid a per-cent of extra revenue you generate for the practice. Both parties need a financial win-win out of this.

We have to go back to the mindset that our fore-fathers … took risks and opened their own stores.. Once you work into a more familiarity with the prescriber… the scope of the collaborative agreement will expand at a natural pace.

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