Where is the Florida Board of Pharmacy action?

The DEA has swooped in and suspended the DEA license of two CVS stores in Florida. Here is the article. One one think that if the DEA has suspended a pharmacy’s right to stop filling controlled prescriptions, that the board of pharmacy would be taking a action against the BOTH the PIC/QP and the permit holder. Could CVS have seen this coming by the recent letter to certain prescribers that they would not fill their C-II Rxs any longer? According to the article, this has been going on since 2008, so was CVS recent action… a little too little… a little too late? Were the RPH’s driven to greed to capture their annual bonuses and “look the other way” of the huge flow of C-II coming into their pharmacy?
According to a USA TODAY report in 2008 .. there were two chain execs on the FBOP.. and BOTH worked for CVS? The Florida’s BOP lack of action is because???

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