They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. what is a video worth.

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Have you noticed that nearly every major retailer in the US has almost as many video cameras in their stores and parking lots as they do light fixtures. Here is the FL statue on video recording in a public place

Here is the Chapter and Verse of Florida’s Electronic Communications, Chapter 934 “Security of Communication Surveillance” and Title XLVII – “Criminal Procedure and Corrections.”

The full text of the statutes are available online and way too long to include in a post here for the space is limited.

There are more than a few cases interpreting when recording is legal and not. One point has been made, however, if a conversation takes place in a public place where it could be overheard by others — even if through an open window — it is not protected speech for privacy and subject to the ‘all parties’ rule.

If you at the pharmacy register at a major chain store, it is pretty good bet that you are going to be recorded. It has been stated that many of the major retailers don’t record audio.. so that it can’t be held against them when their employees do/say something stupid. A system designed for plausible deniability when a customer has a complaint about one of their employees.

There is a lot of evidence out there, that Pharmacists, techs and store staff have lied to pts about the availability of inventory of their Rxs medications being on hand and/or the reason – if any – why their Rx for controlled substances could not be filled.

So if their employer does not have audio recording in their in store camera system and the Rx dept staff is not above lying to pts.. without some sort of documentation of what actually transpired … it is going to be your word against theirs.  In the medical community the saying goes .. “if it is not documented.. it didn’t happen…”

Let the games begin !

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  2. I an almost 50 years old and in 2014, I was lied to by 3 pharmacists about having my medication in stock. It wad corrected within 20 : at Wal-Mart when. I called my Medicare prescription drug provider in front of about the way I was treated and that I suspected it wad an outright lie. It was. My medicine was in the building BOTH times. The other one will be solved very soon.
    As a former reporter I suggest you RECORD EVERYONE, NURSES, DOCTORS, RECEPTIONISTS AND PAYMENT AGREEMENTS. ALSO. WRITE YOUR OWN contracts, get them approved by the person in charge of care, prescriptions being approved, what to do if you wind up I’m the EMERGENCY ROOM AFTER OFFICE HOURS. EXAMPLE: :Can you have a shot, a one or two day script and what class of drugs are okay with your doctor. These answers may ALSO BE RECORDED IF YOUR DOCTOR REFUSES PAPERWORK BUT TELLS YOU OFF THE RECORD. RIDING BOTH SIDED OF THE FENCE IS DETRIMENTAL TO PATIENTS.

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