The following was sent to all U.S. Doctors

The following was sent to all U.S. Doctors from US Surgeon General, FDA , US Health Service

Notice next to the “TURN THE TIDE” that the general abbreviation for prescription (Rx) is REVERSED.. is that like flying the US Flag UPSIDE DOWN to designate an EMERGENCY SITUATION ?





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  1. So docs are supposed to try Lyrics (pregabalin) or Neurontin (gabapentin) before opioids. Lyrica has been found ineffective against nerve pain from trauma or surgery. People are getting addicted to both of them. They’ve been found to prevent the formation of new nerve synapses in the brain. I don’t understand the eagerness with which these drugs are prescribed.

  2. pics dead?

  3. For some reason the attachments don’t load. But, I’ve read it elsewhere. I am baffled about the mme math. When did 2 – 15mg oxycodone become equal to 33mg of oxycodone? And, last my doctor told me 30mg oxycodone is equal to 45mg mme not 50. Did the SG really send it out with errors or is there some new calculation that makes 2×15=30? And 30×1.5=50?

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