The Constitution is being suspended in New Jersey

According to a article published in…
According to Thomas Calcagni, director of the state Division of Consumer Affairs, which oversees the licensing and enforcement of doctors, dentists and other prescribers, as well as pharmacists…

“… plans to unilaterally revoke drug privileges from doctors, pharmacists and other licensed professionals suspected of breaking the law…”

Whatever happen to due process and “innocent till proven guilty..”? REVOKE privileges for “SUSPECTED OF BREAKING THE LAW ..”?

In the same article… one official -Brian Crowell – admits that this is most likely going to fail:

When addicts can no longer afford prescription drugs or their supplies run dry, law enforcement officials say they often turn to a cheaper and equally effective substitute: New Jersey’s ample supply of Colombian heroin.

“Prescription drugs drive drug crime in the suburbs,” said Brian Crowell, the special agent in charge of the New Jersey Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration. “But what happens is when people can’t find the drugs in the suburbs, they come into the cities to buy the heroin.”

Isn’t it interesting, we as healthcare professionals have to be concerned about PHI and HIPAA and yet our bureaucrats can capture all of this information.. compile it.. and determine who among us have a “drug problem” or which health care professional(s) are prescribing/filling more controlled substances than some bureaucrat deems that is appropriate.
Where does this fall into practicing medicine without a license???
What happens to those people who have a valid medical needs for these meds and because of the bureaucratic tactics… the docs/Rph’s are paranoid about prescribing/filling…. could the bureaucrats be guilty of torturing their own constituents? Or is denying those with chronic pain or mental health issues needed meds considered torture.. since it only effects them mentally/physically… but there are no scars or bruises …but then again.. it is my understanding that “water-boarding” didn’t leave any bruises or physical scars either.
Just watch the suicide rate go up as these new controls get traction… wait .. we don’t use the word suicide anymore when it comes to a death by a drugs/substance .. it is a non-accidental overdose. A death by a drug/substance… no matter the other circumstances … is a OVERDOSE !
Having we condemned other bureaucrats/dictators of “thinning the heard” — mostly by more overtly means – GENOCIDE ?
Is it that our Puritanical values and roots will not let us accept that certain per-cent of our population will abuse some substance – ignore all the alcohol consumption and alcoholism and all those addicted to Nicotine and other addictions that we have just slapped a “sin tax ” on and just have learn to tolerate because of all the tax money they generate.
How else can we justify keeping throwing money at this “war on drugs” which started in 1914 with the Harrison Narcotic Act.
IMO.. what a bunch of hypocrites … here is a toast – alcoholic of course – to get all of these “undesirables” to conform to our narrow minded Puritanical beliefs.

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