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  1. Thank you Pharmacst Steve for sharing this. I’ve spoken directly to my Representatives and other congress people about this Exact issue recently. It’s awesome you posted this letter on your blog about it. My disabled veteran husband who who retired an Army Major has stage 4 cancer. We live in rural Alabama where we have mostly all independent pharmacies and they ALL dropped Express Scripts. They couldn’t come to contract with the PBM. Representative Aderholt called me on the phone and I explained this is the 2nd time my husband is without a pharmacy bevaise of greedy PBM. Husband has to drive to a CVS 30 miles each way multiple times a month to get his medicines. It’s become a hardship to have to pass up 7 indy pharmacies just to get meds. It’s insanity. I hope Congress punishes all involved for screwing military members access to medicine. Shame on ES. I pray they fix this nuisance soon.

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