If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem

This week I had an exchange of emails with the director of a state board pharmacy. The discussion was about getting Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals permission to get access to the state’s driver’s license database. There are some 35 odd states that have active and functioning PMP (Prescription Monitoring Program Databases) and have been around since the early 90’sdatabases. Pharmacists are required to electronically submit to these databases information on each controlled substances filled. The data submitted includes patient’s name, address.. etc.. and typically a driver’s license number provided by the person. When these databases began, computer technology was in its infancy and the ease at which ID’s could be forged was not there. I wrote about how easy it is previously http://healthblog.steveariens.com/?p=194

Here is the quote from the board’s director to my inquiry:

It’s a good idea that we have considered before. That said, I’ll be up front in telling you that in the current political climate (small “p” politics) this is not likely to happen. We have actually tried to go down this path twice now with the BMV and met substantial resistance. There remain substantial privacy and “big brother” concerns that block this concept from taking hold. Our PMP has wanted to validate their data for quite some time now.

I am not aware of any state that allows healthcare professionals the ability to validate driver’s license. So they may be a common problem.

The state of Delaware just passed a law because of a forged Rx and fake ID used to get a controlled Rx filled.

which I wrote about as well http://healthblog.steveariens.com/?p=230

Recently there has been numerous reports of drug over doses have exceeded traffic deaths… so could it be said .. that if the various BMV and AG’s offices are creating road blocks to help healthcare professionals to better identify potential addicts and diverters.. that the bureaucrats are helping “kill off” those who abuse drugs… while helping keep the flow of drugs to “the streets”…. all the while keeping our war on drugs on-going and creating their own job security.

Some bureaucrats have responded .. like those in the state of Washington … to put a limit of the number of mgs of a opiate that anyone but a chronic pain specialist can prescribe… causing a number of prescribers in that state to just stop seeing chronic pain patients.
So is the bottom line … that some bureaucrats are causing chronic pain patients to suffer, while looking out after their own narcissistic needs.

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  1. Steve,
    I believe that we, as Pharmacists, must become pro-active in the fight against the drug traffic of legal drugs…
    So, what I propose is to start a conversation with every law enforcement official in the Commonwealth of PA.
    I will begin by talking to my Chief of Police in Millcreek Township, then the Chief, Erie City and touch base with the DEA officials in NW PA…
    Once we get a positive from them… we can continue to all law enforcement offices… then present it to the “elected-officials”…. building the foundation for your (our) position takes time …
    What are some of the other comments from our professional members?
    Let’s continue the dialogue… keep in touch..
    From Erie, PA

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