How your health insurance can possibly be OVERCHARGING you on your Rx medications

Today I saved a patient a combined $200 ( yes, TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!) on their 3 prescription medications. Their insurance copays THAT ARE SET EXCLUSIVELY BY THE INSURANCE COMPANY ( we don’t have any input on copays) were $110,$90 & $80 while my price without insurance for the 3 medications were $20, $20 & $30. Many of you will be surprised to learn that on many generic medicines your price without insurance can be less than your insurance copay or an accumulation of copays ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE SELF INSURED!
When you factor in your monthly insurance premiums those costs for medications are even more expensive than just the inflated copays. If you want a price quote just text me at 850-797-2711 and I’ll do my best to respond ASAP. #sowalrx PRICING AS TRANSPARENT AS THE EMERALD BLUE WATER!
this is an example how a independent pharmacy/Pharmacist watch out for their pt’s both HEALTH AND POCKETBOOK. At one time, the major PBM’s (prescription benefit managers) had in their contracts with pharmacies that it was a contract violation if a Pharmacist told the pt that the pharmacy’s cash price was LESS THAN what the PBM wanted as copays  — UNLESS the pt asked if the pharmacy’s cash prices was lower..
Thank goodness, our Congress finally did something right and passed a law that made having such clauses in those PBM pharmacy contracts ILLEGAL and pts like this one, the pharmacist/pharmacy was able to save the pt abt $200.
This graph shows an example of where most of the money goes that you pay at the Rx dept register. Nearly 50% goes into the pockets of MIDDLEMEN – who provide no product or service that provides any real contribution to pt’s health, well being and QOL.
Anyone not using a independent pharmacy, who would like to find one to patronize, there is a hyperlink to find one by zip code  This database is maintained by a the National Community Pharmacist Association – whose membership is almost exclusively those who work or own independent pharmacies and has been around since 1898 and I have been a member of since 1983.

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