FDA doesn’t have much direct authority to change what is happening

A lady from the FDA returned my phone call today. I spent around 17 mins with her on the phone. She was receptive and says they’ve heard from many of us, but the FDA doesn’t have much direct authority to change what is happening (she said the DEA and state medical boards are responsible for so much it). She did, however, give me a SPECIFIC ACTION we can take. In order for the FDA to issue official public statements it is usually in response to people self-reporting issues with foods, cosmetics, products, or side effects from meds, etc. (Which she said DOES include withdrawal symptoms from being force tapered AND suicides).

***She said go to www.fda.gov/medwatch. (I’ve included screenshots). Click on the red Report a Problem button. On the MedWatch Voluntary Reporting Form page, click Consumer/Patient. It will take you to the next page… where it says About Problem. Follow the prompts and tell your story if you have suffered withdrawals because of forced or rapid tapers (or cut off completely). This form also NEEDS to be filled out on behalf of anyone who committed suicide from being denied their pain meds… so please forward this to anyone you know who has lost someone because of this mess. (As well as contacting Dr. Thomas Kline, who, as many of you are aware, is also keeping a list). But this is an important step MANY of us can take to force the FDA to issue a public statement. We need to flood that page with  complaints so there is an official record.

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  1. I have completed my submission to the FDA as suggested regarding my Forced Medication Reduction (from a medically stable dosage) by my doctor/pain clinic (www.aapain.com). However, I am not really expecting them to intervene because:

    I have also contacted the Federal Government (i.e., my congressional representatives), followed by the State of Alaska (i.e., Governor Dunleavy’s Office). I sent 4 online letters to Congressman Don Young (no response). I sent 3 messages to Senator Dan Sullivan and Senator Lisa Murkowski. I worked my way through numerous people at both of the senator’s offices, but since the pain clinic was a “private business”, they both said that they could not get involved. I did talk to a person in in Senator Sullivan’s Anchorage office. I was told at one point that my specific pain clinic in Anchorage was well versed in side stepping any questions regarding treatment of their patients, and were well aware that the government had no authority in discussing patient care with them. I asked this person to call them anyway, but was told that they could not get any information from my pain clinic. Next, I contacted Governor Dunleavy’s Office. I talked with a person who was sympathetic to my situation, but (again) said they had no control over what my pain clinic was (or was not) doing. They suggested that I contact the ACLU.

  2. The FDA has been undermined and taken over by industry interests. They no longer work for the public interest, their only mission is to protect corporate interests. They system is much too corrupt to expect any kind of reasonable action from the FDA or the other federal agencies. They do not even hide this anymore, they have failed to keep up with science facts and technology. They used to be the gold standard across the globe, now they are a joke.

  3. Thank you. Will do. I think the silence from the FDA, which is NOT without authority is deafening and to me and VERY suspicious.

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