Dr. Jay K Joshi: Open Letter to DEA Administrator Milgram

Open Letter to DEA Administrator Milgram

Directly oversee the investigation of your DEA agents


Dear Administrator Anne Milgram,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I request you to oversee the investigation into the misconduct of DEA agents in my case. I initially filed a complaint with the Office of Inspector General which has been transferred to the Drug Enforcement Agency Office of Professional Responsibility.

The DEA has shown a lack of willingness and an inability to uphold it standards of conduct. Oversight agencies have consistently shown repeated incidents of misconduct by DEA agents, with only a few receiving much, if any, accountability.

I understand you are trying to reform the DEA and to enact much-needed reform. I thank you for listening to the public and for delaying the implementation of restrictive telehealth policies. Now I ask you to review the misconduct by DEA agents who targeted me in 2017 and manipulated evidence in my case that led to an indictment in 2018.

These agents solicited perjured statements from former employees who were forging prescriptions using my DEA license. They materially altered evidence in my case, including falsifying a police report and submitting an affidavit with false claims that were known to be untrue at the time of submission.

How they did this was quite clever. They would tamper with evidence and then obtain perjured statements to corroborate the tampering. Let me provide an example. Look at the police report I filed against the employee who was forging scripts under my name. You will see the report claims I reported her brother for threatening me, but somehow did not report her forgeries. How could I report one but not the other? Her brother threatened me because I planned to report her to the police.

This fraud was then complemented by perjured statements taken during the grand jury testimony. The same employee was asked by federal prosecutors whether she had forged scripts under my name – to which that employee answered no with no pushback from either DEA agents or federal prosecutors. This is all the more curious, since both DEA agents and federal prosecutors had many forged prescriptions in their hand.

The misconduct is easy to discern when you parse through the evidence in this way. But it makes the efforts to distort evidence in this case all the more concerning. And it’s precisely why you must directly intervene in this investigation.

I have written a book that details the misconduct by the DEA in this case. I also compiled all legal documents in this case and plan to share them with investigative journalists and criminal justice reform organizations. These efforts are intended to raise awareness of the misconduct in my case. I plan to involve all interested parties in the review of DEA misconduct. Thank you in advance for your time and effort.



Dr. Jay K Joshi

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  1. JMO,, now we just need some laws/human rights BOOKS written for alllllll long term medically ill in physical pain.Lawful +
    -Human rights in America for all of us,,that can never be broken,like a felony to violated those human rights for us,,,,LEGAL PROTECTION , rights,jmo,,maryw

  2. This is exactly why I wrote on the other post that I was concerned about the Feds potentially using fabricated sex crimes as yet another means of making it more difficult to avoid or overturn convictions. That may have sounded a bit “theorist” to some, but again, I am not asserting that IS what’s happening. However, I do believe it to be a valid concern.There are too many incidents, far too much evidence, that they’re not above weaponizing whatever they can to secure a conviction and because I am certain they’re not the least bit pleased with some of those being overturned, I don’t put it past them. I guess only time will tell if my suspicions are correct. All I know for sure is that I never trust what is reported in the news when it comes to the veracity and validity of the alleged charges against providers. Once you know, you don’t forget, which makes it incredibly difficult to believe any information they so proudly release to the media. I do not believe they’re above using any means that would afford them advantage. As long as it’s plausible. At least believable enough that there won’t be any public outcry over the blatant misconduct as they further the campaign to demonize prescribing physicians. What a time to be alive.

  3. I just bought his book on Amazon. Haven’t started it yet.

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