Could there be some common sense at Rite Aid?

Several months ago, Rite Aid started a promotion of a 15 minute ready guarantee for up to 3 Rxs or the pt would get a gift card. Three states within days issued a “cease and desist” on the promotion. Who in their right mind would put a time metric on filling Rxs. Now that page on Rite Aid’s website says Thank you for your interest in our pharmacy services. The content is no longer available. did the various pharmacy boards put pressure on them to rethink this lunacy promotion. Or did they find out like Dominos Pizza did several years back… when you promise a flat time frame guarantee, that employees are going to push the envelope until someone gets hurt or in Dominos case.. someone DIES !
Our medical system kills 100,000 people each year by medical mistakes and another 1.5 million are harmed by medication errors. In 2011, the ENTIRE AIRLINE INDUSTRY… killed only 400 people… WORLDWIDE ! The US medical industry KILLS that many people EVERY DAY ! Maybe our medical system should be retitled MEDICAL CARNAGE !

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  1. Am not sure Why Rite Aid been blamed for this 15 min killing deal and The Real Inventor was CVS inc who practiced it since 2006 till now but Right Aid tried to follow CVS brainiac success stories tips-in other word the only culprilt who invented and promoted this 15 min plan to kill -And at least Rite Aid stopped But CVS is still a loose canon just pay them a visit!

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