Cases Total 7,000+ in Fayetteville VA Misdiagnosis Investigation

FAYETTEVILLE, Akr. (KNWA) — The Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks announced that 7,482 cases have been reviewed for misdiagnosis in the wake of the public learning that an impaired VA doctor treated patients.

The organization made the announcement at a public town hall meeting at the VA hospital Monday afternoon.

Of the cases reviewed, 2,925 were reviewed by VA pathologists. The rest were reviewed by non-VA pathologists.

Some patients say that Dr. Robert Levy was the pathologist found to be impaired.

On March 1 of this year, a man named Robert Levy was arrested in Fayetteville for driving under the influence. 

The report states Levy was stumbling and slurring his words. 

Police say he was quote: “intoxicated with depressants.”

The VA hospital first found the pathologist to be impaired in March of 2016.

More than a year later the doctor was found impaired again in October of 2017; that’s when the hospital fired the employee. 

The public was made aware of the issue on June 18, 2018, where letters were sent from the VA to any patient who may have been misdiagnosed. 

Around one month later, the VA held its first town hall meeting. 

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  1. “intoxicated with depressants.” I love it.

    Alcohol, I presume. You bet your bippy they’d have blamed the “crisis” if there’d been opioids anywhere involved.

    also no bet whether there will be a foaming “alcohol epidemic!!” hysteria.

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