But CVS customers will be able to get Naloxone within 24 hours

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Possible heroin overdose inside Lancaster city CVS


Has anyone noticed that it has been all over the various news media that CVS was going to have Naloxone in stores for pts.. Maybe I mis-read all of those press releases or maybe they just INFERRED that Naloxone would be IN STOCK in their stores.  The statement in this new article states that Naloxone would be available TO ORDER.. next day availability.  Apparently, they don’t want to put themselves into the position of one of their Pharmacists refusing to provide Naloxone to a pt like it is described in this article, because the person is unconscious and unless the Pharmacist wants to “frisk” the pt for $50 to pay for the Naloxone… taking it out of stock and administering it to such a pt would be considered theft on the part of the Pharmacist.  Which could cause the Pharmacist to be FIRED. OR, a Pharmacist that believes/feels that addicts deserve whatever outcome they get themselves into… All of these possible “feel good” press releases could be undone with one such incident.

A 20-year-old man likely overdosed on heroin Friday inside the bathroom of a CVS drug store in Lancaster city, police said. 

He was revived by the heroin antidote naloxone, though it did not come from the pharmacy even though CVS announced last week that all of its Pennsylvania drug stores would be carrying the life-saving drug.

He was revived by emergency responders who now carry the drug for heroin and other opiate overdoses.

A CVS spokesman said today that naloxone, sold under the brand name Narcan, would not be kept in stock. “But CVS customers will be able to get it within 24 hours,” said the spokesman, Michael DeAngelis. 

CVS announced last week that its stores in Pennsylvania and 13 other states would carry naloxone and would make it available to customers without a doctor’s prescription.

However, DeAngelis said today, the drug probably would not be in high enough demand to keep it on the shelves.

“It’s an emergency product and people that are interested in it will be able to get it in a day,” said DeAngelis. “Part of the protocol that we put in place calls for the pharmacists to receive training on how to administer the drug and to be able to educate the customer.” 

He said the cost would be around $50 without insurance, much lower than auto injector kits of naloxone that can cost more than $700 at some pharmacies.

 According to reports from store personnel and Lancaster City Police, a young man entered the CVS store at 32 W. Lemon St. on Friday and then went into a bathroom and locked the door.  

Emergency personnel were called at around 7:30 p.m.

The man was treated at the scene and then transported to the LGH emergency room. He reportedly survived.

DeAngelis said the type of incident that occurred at the Lancaster CVS was unfortunate but very rare for one of their stores. CVS/pharmacy, the retail division of CVS Health, is America’s leading retail pharmacy with over 7,800 locations.

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  1. And I am supposed to feel sorry for drug addicts why???

    • So those with mental health issues ,that are self medicating themselves with some substance.. Alcohol, opiates, MJ are not worthy of our society’s to care for? All lives matter ??? … Or just the ones society finds sociably acceptable ?

  2. Why am I NOT surprised…most of the recipients won’t have insurance anyway let alone 50.00 to pay for it. Didn’t think the stores would go out of their way to stock it..they would count on first responders having it and using their supply first.

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