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  1. It’s getting worse not better!! This needs to get to the forefront!! I’m sick if all Th this bullshit!!!we need DC hearings, the truth of this persecution has got to stop too. Many people are dying, and too many doctors are being thrown in jail, or just refused to treat legitimate patients with chronic long-term pain. It’s so disheartening.

  2. Oh no!! Is this pre or post appeal? He said they were appealing, which is why I ask. I’ve been on social media hiatus for a bit. I know the court barred his defense from introducing the Ruan decision, citing that it would raise the bar for conviction “too high”. I know he had excellent legal representation. And still, this is how it came out for him in the end. Need we more evidence that the system is rigged against our doctors and pain sufferers? They’ve meddled, manipulated and tweaked it to where it’s JUST the way the DEA/DOJ likes it. Where nearly any doctor who is targeted by the system can count on one thing. That’s having a snowball’s chance in hell of being able to properly defend themselves. Which, in my mind, makes these proceedings the epitome of going to Kangaroo Court. It’s not just Randy, I feel terribly for ALL physicians who’ve been put through this spectacular farce. Every time I read the news about another doc being brought up on charges that the media has fixated on, I can’t help but think to myself, “But did they, REALLY?”. Sadly, that’s no joke. We shouldn’t have to question the legitimacy of the charges, but we all know that they’re almost certainly bloated and sensationalized. That way they can force the majority into signing plea deals. Not that I can blame them. When they come at you with 1000 years in prison or 10, if you just sign this little piece of paper agreeing to your GUILT, there just aren’t many who are going to risk it. A fact they know well. Don’t even get me started on how complicit the media is. In fact, I better stop here or I’m going to rage ramble. I’m so sorry to hear about Randy. I sincerely hope he can still appeal, even though we all know what to expect to come from that. Pardon me if my appeal question was answered in the article posted. I’m going to read it now. I was just caught off guard by the sentencing. Ugh. I hate this. I hate this for our doctors and I hate it for us.

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