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  1. Good morning Steve. I would like to know if a pharmacist should be going back on previous prescriptions filled to add what you should have in Surplus today? I have been advised by my doctor to turn in my Suboxone prescription at 28 days to build a few days of surplus in case of any problems with Pharmacy. Such as, not having the medication in stock or a doctor’s office being closed at cetera. I take my medication the way that I’m supposed to and have had excellent results in doing so. Unfortunately, many floaters come through the pharmacy and won’t fill my prescription because they say I should have Surplus from months ago. Is there anything that I can read or any statutes that state this is not their scope of practice? I’m frustrated and tired of arguing. It’s demeaning and embarrassing to do so. I’m in Arizona. Thank you!

  2. Good morning Steve. First of all I too would like to thank you for the work you’re doing and your efforts to assist those of us who fall victim to bias pharmacies and their employees. I am a registered nurse and I’m currently on Suboxone for dependency. It has, in short, save my life and help me to move forward to better myself in my career and family. My question is, whenever there is a floating pharmacist (much of time) at my Pharmacy, I am constantly given a hard time. They go back and count the months where I should have had extra and add it to current strips. Is this even allowed? My doctor has suggested that I fill when it is possible at 28 days so that I will have a few days Surplus. In the event that the pharmacy is out of the medication and the doctor’s office is closed, I will not be in distress and my recovery will not be hindered. Although I have explained this to many of the pharmacists, they don’t seem to listen. Upon turning in a prescription yesterday, I was told it was too early and would have to wait 2 more days. They said that would be 28 days. When I counted on the calendar 28 days was the day I turned it in. I’m tired of doing this and would like something to back me up when turning my prescriptions in. Can you help? Specifically, can you answer my question about adding previous overtures to current strips that I have or don’t have?

  3. My doctor wanted me to find out how to write my xanax and adderall for. 2 month supply one store said no one did but acted like he just wrote a reg script for 60 days worth I didnt want to give him the wrong info it would help due to all thatsngoing on in my life its a prob I can only take one brand name

  4. I still get my methadone and oxycodone regular. In Florida it took a mail pharmacy through my Medicare . Here in Mississippi I’ve had no problems and I’m moving back to Oregon where I never had problems. Florida was my only place it took problems is it gonna get worse everywhere like Florida. I went a couple months of hell in Florida

  5. I live in Michigan. I take tramadol for pelvic pain. My doc gives me a certain amount every month but sometimes I take more depending on the severity of my pain. I have been taking my prescription to Walgreens and recently they have decided that they’re not going to fill the script on the days that I normally get it. On my bottle it says most insurance allow refill on or after a certain day. Know that day is usually good enough for me to get the script three days in advance. Now they’re telling me that I can’t get my script until about a week or week and a half after that date. I am running out early and I am going into withdrawal because of that. Why is it that the pharmacy gets to decide when I get my script? I think if the doctor says it’s OK and the insurance company is willing to pay for it then there shouldn’t be a problem.

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