“accidential drug overdose” – no matter what the real cause


According to a statement in the Oklahoma City News … according to its website “the state’s most trusted news”

The District Attorney from Ada, OK – Chris Ross stated that “It is not unusual for medical examiner to rule a drug overdose death as ACCIDENTAL… they rule on what they can see, and not necessarily the CIRCUMSTANCES SURROUNDING THE DEATH…”

This writer has always suspected that the word “accidental” was routinely slapped on any death certificate by drug overdose. It would seem that this statement puts some validity to that belief.

Ross, continue to say that drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental deaths among residents in his judicial district, with car accidents coming in second.
Is everyone reading from the same script? This is the same story coming from everyone from the CDC to various reporters across the country to district attorneys..
Of course, everyone is ignoring that there are 40,000+ emergency room admissions due to Tylenol/Acetaminophen overdose, and it is estimated that approximately 50% are accidental… does that mean that 20,000+ people attempt suicide with a Acetaminophen overdose… that is a very slow, painful death. Maybe SUICIDE is a taboo word to use by the whoever is sending out this seemingly centralize message of accidental drug overdoses…
Wouldn’t one tend to think that if 50% of Acetaminophen overdoses are intentional/suicide… that overdoses by other drugs… could be a 50% intentional attempt at suicide?
Do we have at play here…. “figures never lie and liars always figure”? Hidden agendas .. do not always remain hidden if you look hard enough.

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