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  1. I was going to share video of guy talking about surveillance of ssdi people but I lost it? How do I get back to it? Love this page, Steve thank you!!

  2. Only showing the video

    • Sorry about that.. this is a new medium for me and forget that everyone is not as “tech savvy” as I am, all I did was to type Land Mark in the search box on the front page of the blog and it popped up…but.. I have added the hyperlink to the post on the blog.. This “ole dog” is trying to learn some new “communication tricks” that I have never used before.. My vblog is a “work in progress”.. I am sure that I will get my act together and I appreciate input from my readers

      • Steve, I greatly appreciate ALL you do for the chronic pain community. All I can say is, in the words of Nancy Pelosi when asked about the riots and mayhem of 2020, “people are going to do what they do.” Even the current VP solicited donations via Twitter to bail out the destructive felons and said “they won’t stop and they should not stop,” talking about those who destroyed innocent lives and others’ hard earned property.

        If only they would apply that to the “substance abuse disorder” people, they would realize that they cannot legislate people from CHOOSING to use/abuse ANY substance. Alcohol and cigarettes ( nicotine ) kill far more people but are both legal drugs. IF they had a tiny bit of common sense, and no ulterior motives, they would leave it alone. They have the biggest addiction problem, spending OTHERS’ money without regard to the fact that it’s taxpayers’ money and not their own. Until they all get voted out, we are done.

        I’m in Ohio and pretty sure one of the senators listed is Portman. I’ve been trying to get in touch with him for over 2 years and have yet to get a response. This is a bipartisan issue. “Neither” party gives one sh!t about how we suffer, even pray for the end of our “lives,” only to ignore our cries. I have zero representation in the swamp and I’m not alone. Rules for me but not for thee.

        They can do all of this to us because they know it’ll never happen to them. They thrive on our misery. It’s pure evil.

  3. Can’t find the article Steve. Been looking around. I only get the blog and don’t see it. Is there another website

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