PA: The bill would make it a crime for doctors to write a prescription of more than seven days for an opioid painkiller

Pa. might devise punishments for docs who give more than a week of opioid painkillers The main sponsor of a bill that would ban doctors from prescribing more than seven days’ worth of opioids says it’s also time to consider stiffer penalties for doctors who overprescribe the highly addictive painkillers. “It’s an area of […]

Should the healthcare insurance industry be treated like a MONOPOLY ?

We have treated the utility industry since the Sherman Antitrust Act was signed into law in 1890.  Until the 1990’s most health insurance companies were mutual companies … the were NOT FOR PROFIT businesses and their policy holders basically owned the company.  but starting in the 1990’s the healthcare insurance industries began “demutalizing” … they […]

The NATIONAL DEBATE WITHOUT the “opiate crisis” mentioned once ?

What a dramatic difference between those on the stage the first night and the second night… the first night it was like a group of Type B personalities participating in a very “polite debate” The Second night was like a group of type A personalities in a “cat fight”. They keep talking about “Medicare for […]

Audit report raises concerns with effectiveness of prescription drug registry

Audit report raises concerns with effectiveness of prescription drug registry An audit of the state’s prescription drug registry found several issues that hinder the system, making it not as useful as it could be in identifying misuse and abuse of prescribed medications. Auditors found indications of doctor and pharmacy shopping, including one person who […]

Opioid-related ER visits decline in Massachusetts

 Opioid-related ER visits decline in Massachusetts BOSTON – A state panel says the number of emergency department visits by people with opioid-related issues dropped by nearly 6 percent in Massachusetts from 2016 to 2017. The report released Wednesday by the Health Policy Commission is based on a state database of hospital discharges up […]

Meth cases up 233% in EIGHT YEARS in WISCONSIN

AG: Addiction Treatment, Trafficker Arrests Key To Fighting Wisconsin’s Growing Meth Epidemic In Wausau Stop, Attorney General Josh Kaul Also Advocated Medical Marijuana As Alternative To Opioids By Rob Mentzer Published: Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 4:35pm Share: ListenDownload Wisconsin’s growing meth epidemic presents new challenges to law enforcement, state Attorney General Josh Kaul said […]

Using Opioids and Having a Job—It’s Not Easy

Using Opioids and Having a Job—It’s Not Easy By Denise Hedley Those of us with chronic pain are well aware of the new laws that have labeled the opioid crisis and thus punished chronic pain patients. We are all affected in one way or another, and a good number of us have had our […]

DEA RED FLAGS and legit pts getting – OR NOT GETTING – their medical necessary medications

                                  The DEA has previously stated that a Pharmacist needs to “resolve” issues that the DEA considered RED FLAGS..  One of their RED FLAGS is a pt that travels long distances to get a controlled  Rxs filled… because that […]

Walmart: more rumors/facts about MASSIVE LAYOFF/DISMISSALS ?

Did the government over correct on the opioid epidemic? Jun. 26, 2019 – 4:32 – CDC guidelines have led to doctors cutting back on painkiller subscriptions, leaving patients fighting to get the medication they need.