NO DEAD BODIES: DEA: doctor is believed to still be over-prescribing prescription raided

Florence doctor surrendered license, prescriptions revoked JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – A doctor whose Florence office was raided Monday by the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, and others surrendered his license under pressure on Monday around the time his office was raided. That’s according to the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure. Dr. […]

“VA has demonstrated success in reducing opioid use, while addressing the challenge of living well with chronic pain.”

VA Secretary praises department’s model path to ending opioid addiction Statement follows President Trump’s remarks at summit addressing drug crisis Calling the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs a recognized leader in pain management and opioid safety, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie today underscored the department’s innovative approaches to chronic pain management. Wilkie’s response followed President […]

“I believe I am a danger to the public working for CVS.” – Anonymous CVS Pharmacist

“I believe I am a danger to the public working for CVS.” Background I have been a pharmacist long enough to remember the time when CVS was first started. Its leadership demonstrated a strong commitment to the professional role of pharmacists and their communication with patients. Television advertisements featured pharmacists counseling patients. I encouraged […]

CVS Detroit: OD in AISLE TWO

Heroin addict almost dies of overdose in CVS on 8th Mile and Grat

Many in OK are busy doing “HIGH FIVES” over new STATE LAW

While this is good news AT THE STATE LEVEL… but it does nothing to deal/stop with the actions of the DEA. It would seem that the DEA has changed its practices and today Linda Cheek posted a article on a doctor and there is no mention of any DEATHS that were attached to the doctor’s […]

Drug Company Warned By FDA Over Illegal Online Sales

Drug Company Warned By FDA Over Illegal Online Sales In a win for consumer safety, the FDA issued a warning letter to CanaRx, a pharmacy business based out of Ontario, Canada, for facilitating the illegal distribution of unapproved and misbranded drugs to American consumers.  The company would contract with public and private organizations, and get […]

Oregon: 25 percent – said they were suffering too much pain and chose “death with dignity”

Study: Oregon patients using physician-assisted suicide steadily increase The number of patients using the nation’s first physician-aided suicide program, Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, has continued to grow since voters first approved the law nearly two decades ago. A new study shows a 12 percent yearly increase in lethal prescriptions from 1998 to 2013, with […]

More Denial of Care post surgery ?

Is this how the EPI “needle jockey” industry gets SHUT DOWN?

  The distances between the EPIDURAL area and the INTRATHECAL area is JUST MILLIMETERS.  Anything injected into the intrathecal area (spinal fluid) has to be not only sterile, but also preservative free and a solution – as opposed to a suspension. While injecting a corticosteroids in the epidural area is/can be troublesome.. it is when […]

The Screening Test for Lumbar-Sacral Adhesive Arachnoiditis