Pts PENALIZED for seeking ER visit when health issue is NOT LIFE THREATENING

Blue Cross Warns Patients They May Be On Hook For Their ER Visit Thousands of Texans may want to think twice about their next trip to the emergency room. The largest health insurer in the state, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, will notify some policy holders they’ll be responsible for paying the entire […]

Congressional hearing (04/25/2018) in Washington, DC for CPP’s and doctors about the “opioid epidemic.”  

Healthcare – WALMART STYLE ?

Walmart May Need Humana Patients To Fill Emptying Retail Space As online shopping continues to eat away at traditional brick and mortar retailers, Walmart may need Humana health plan enrollees to fill its store with patients in need of healthcare services. That’s a theory floated in a report from Credit Suisse’s A.J. Rice and […]

Kingsport pharmacist will pay $100,000 in civil penalties GREENEVILLE — A Kingsport pharmacist has agreed to pay $100,000 in civil penalties to settle allegations that he violated the Controlled Substances Act.  According to a press release from the U.S. attorney’s office, P&S Pharmacy and its owner, Lowell Grizzle, have agreed to pay the United States a $100,000 settlement regarding multiple record-keeping violations. […]

Greg Gutfeld: Opioids — Facts and fallacies I realize that every time I discuss the opioid crisis with someone, I find that they often don’t know all the facts. And maybe, neither do I. But I try. So, my goal here is to present all the stuff that I’ve read recently, with links. And I quote the articles, extensively, so you can see […]

Narcan-Resistant Fentanyl Found in Pennsylvania This year has brought a lot of bad news in the world of drugs and drug addiction. First, it was elephant tranquilizers being found in batches of heroin across the nation. Then, the number of deaths related to Fentanyl shot through the roof. And finally, we had fake Xanax make its way around Florida, […]

No one is free from harm “I want to help doctors understand that an informed patient is your best patient, even if it adds an extra five or 10 minutes to the visit.’” –Dr. Nicole T. Rochester   Over the years I’ve been in many situations where adult relatives were hospitalized and I would visit and uncover medical errors or […]

Could medical marijuana be a solution to the unprecedented opioid epidemic?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is here to answer your questions. “Weed 4: Pot vs. Pills” premieres Sunday night at 8pET on CNN.  

Why Opioid Tapering Makes Me Think of Suicide By Charlene Bedford, Guest Columnist I am 40 years old, with two young boys. In 2011, I was diagnosed with ankloysing spondylitis, a severe auto-immune disease for which there is no cure. I have severe damage to my sacroiliac joints. They are fused together, and boy is that painful. It is now traveling up […]

Untreated Chronic Pain Violates International Law Untreated chronic pain is not only an epidemic, it’s a crime. According to a groundbreaking new report by Human Rights Watch, the majority of the world’s population lacks adequate access to narcotic pain relief. Governments are letting their own people suffer needlessly and flouting international law in the process. In signing the 1961 Single […]