22% of OD’s were from Rx opiates … the rest from Heroin & illegal Fentanyl

New rule limits narcotic painkiller prescriptions to seven days http://www.dispatch.com/news/20170330/new-rule-limits-narcotic-painkiller-prescriptions-to-seven-days Ohio doctors, dentists and some nurses will be unable to prescribe more than seven days of narcotic pain killers — five days for minors — under rule changes announced today by Gov. John Kasich.  The prescribing restrictions, which will have the force of law, apply […]

Christie: Pro-life from conception to grave… addiction is a disease.. all diseases need to be treated ?

Chris Christie has stated many times today in conjunction of being appointed to a new White House initiative on fighting the “opiate epidemic”. He states that he is PRO-LIFE … from conception to grave… and that those with diseases need to be provided treatment…. “given a life”… so where does chronic pain pts and others […]

Estimated 200,000+ deaths annually from medical errors

Payments by state malpractice fund dropping A $1.2 billion state-run fund for large medical malpractice awards has seen a significant drop in payments to injured patients in recent years, contributing to a $813 million surplus that is more than twice what regulators recommend, a State Journal analysis shows. The reduction in the number and amount […]

Topics with Trish – Chronic Pain, Medications vs Treatment, Doctors & Support 03/30 by YourVoiceRadio | Current Events Podcasts

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“We’re not going to be able to legislate our way out of this epidemic,”

Ohio lawmakers push opioid prescription restrictions, online addiction counseling http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2017/03/ohio_lawmakers_push_opioid_pre.html COLUMBUS, Ohio — Prescription painkillers are responsible for the largest number of opioid overdoses in Ohio, and state lawmakers want to further restrict prescribing the highly-addictive pills.   GOP lawmakers introduced companion bills in the House and Senate that would adopt national opioid prescribing guidelines, set […]

More ATTACKS on pts with subjective diseases ?

Torturous healthcare…. AMERICAN STYLE ?

As seen on another FB post I had ALL of my teeth cut out today and was fitted for dentures which has led to EXCRUCIATING pain. Because I receive Tramadol from my pain management doc for my back, hips, etc., the oral surgeon and oncologist could NOT give me ANYTHING for pain after pulling all […]

Physicians’ legal duty to relieve suffering

Physicians’ legal duty to relieve suffering https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1071521/ The evidence that physicians and nurses do not treat pain adequately began to appear in the medical literature nearly 30 years ago.1 In the following decades, the accumulated data showed that many types of pain—acute pain, cancer pain, and chronic nonmalignant pain—were being undertreated.2 The reasons offered for […]

The business of rehab healthcare: Saving lives or just postponing OD deaths ?

Death After Naltrexone: The Fraud of Short-Term Results www.rehabs.com/pro-talk-articles/death-after-naltrexone-the-fraud-of-short-term-results/ She was a petite, shy 23-year-old girl who became addicted to heroin the same way as countless other young people from her small town in Wisconsin. She initially did well with buprenorphine treatment. But after about six months, she began using heroin again. She seemed to […]

Maine: Vets can’t write opiates for pet if owner is over state’s daily opiate limit – WTF ?

Maine veterinarians say new pain meds law puts animals, humans at risk https://bangordailynews.com/2017/03/29/news/state/maine-veterinarians-say-new-pain-meds-law-puts-animals-humans-at-risk/ LEWISTON, Maine — When one of Gary Stuer’s four-legged patients gets injured, has surgery or is living with cancer, the Bethel veterinarian prescribes pain medicine. Sometimes that pain medicine is an opioid. “For years, we’ve had non-steroidal drugs, and we call that […]