How many bureaucratic agencies have “ILLEGAL OFF THE BOOKS” revenue sources ?

ATF Busted for Illegally Selling Millions of World’s Deadliest Drug How do 700 tobacco farmers uncover a highly secretive criminal operation generating millions of dollars in fraudulent cigarette sales? By going into business with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), as they sold millions of dollars of cigarettes, the number one […]

The Call-In: The Opioid Epidemic And How Opioids Have Affected Your Lives

  The Call-In: The Opioid Epidemic And How Opioids Have Affected Your Lives The opioid epidemic is growing. Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with Jim Barnum, whose brother died after an opioid addiction and Chuck Rosenberg, acting administrator of the DEA.

Is giving you the WRONG MEDICATION… the same as .. GIVING YOU NO MEDICATION ?

This doctor/attorney is stating that getting the wrong medication is a personal injury … He claims that three must be present to consider personal injury… A copy of your prescription(s) Medication(s) provided Paperwork – (PIL) Prescription information leaflet If you have been having your prescriptions regularly filled at a particular pharmacy and the Pharmacist(s) should […]

More bureaucratic MICRO-MANAGING ?

Senate OKs bill allowing doctors to eat conference food paid for by drug companies The Vermont Senate gave preliminary approval Friday to a bill that would allow doctors and other health care providers to eat food paid for by pharmaceutical companies. The Senate approved S.45 in a voice vote, with a handful of voices […]

Even when voters SPEAK… bureaucrats have to MICRO-MANAGE ?

Ohio regulators propose strict limits for medical pot supply COLUMBUS, Ohio Ohio regulators have proposed restrictions on how much medical marijuana a patient could buy that would be among the strictest in the nation. Under Ohio’s medical marijuana law, patients with 20 medical conditions can buy and use marijuana if recommended by a doctor. […]

Obama vs Trump AG :Army vet faces trial for posting flags at VA site

Watch the latest video at Army vet faces trial for posting flags at VA site, Sessions asked to intervene A 74-year-old U.S. Army veteran is set to go on trial next month for the ‘crime’ of posting two American flags on the fence of a Los Angeles VA facility — and the Justice […]

Will the Trump Admin take a different stance on the abuse of CPP by the CDC ?

CDC: Withdraw Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain The CDC’s Guidelines are inappropriate, short sighted, and are more harmful than helpful to pain patients. Developed in violation of the Federal Advisory Committee Act’s (FACA) regulations with little to no evidence used in support, the Guidelines are blatantly discriminatory to existing pain patients, licensed […]

60 percent of all the caregivers made errors when doling medication into a pillbox Third of Home Care Staff Make Medication Errors – What You Can Do A Northwestern University study has shown that more than one-third of paid home care staff had difficulty reading and understanding health-related information and directions. Sixty percent made errors when sorting medications into pillboxes. Nearly 100 paid, non-family caregivers were recruited […]

Woman Sues Pharmacy Claiming She Was Given Wrong Pills

Woman Sues Pharmacy Claiming She Was Given Wrong Pills Says She Hallucinated, Had ‘Terrible Nightmares’ This woman’s adverse effects of getting the wrong medication is that much different than a opiate dependent pts being intentionally thrown into cold turkey withdrawal by a healthcare professional ?  And an attorney is willing to sue the “guilty […]

Light at the end of the tunnel – is not a TRAIN …

White House Opens Door To Crackdown On Recreational Marijuana Trump pledged to respect states’ rights on marijuana during his campaign. This may signal a reversal on that promise. President Trump has stated that he was going to be a “law and order President”…  AG Sessions has also stated that he is going to enforce […]