Their profits – your health/safety – guess which one they chose

Drug Makers May Delay Reporting Patient Harms to FDA: Study MONDAY, July 27, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Drug companies may be endangering the lives of patients by not promptly reporting cases of drug-related illness or death to federal regulators, a new report suggests. About 10 percent of cases where a drug does serious harm […]

when in Rome… do as the Romans In case you haven’t noticed… over the last 15 yrs or so… it is extremely hard to be out in public and not being videoed …some times just video.. sometimes video and audio..  I remember years ago, when I bought a cell phone that was capable of taking pictures/videos…  The particular model I wanted […]

safe and timely access to lawful and lawfully prescribed medications

AG prevails in landmark case in federal appeals court | Washington Attorney General I am not an attorney, but… I try to apply common sense to what I read.. although the law and common sense doesn’t always seem to occupy the same space and at the same time… this court ruling is at the […]

Woman sues Rite Aid after medication mixup

Woman sues Rite Aid after medication mixup CHARLESTON – A Fayette County woman is suing Rite Aid of West Virginia Inc. after she claims it gave her the wrong medication and caused her injuries and damages. Virginia Tucker was issued a prescription for Doxepin 10mg from her physician for depression and anxiety and went […]

Where poorly designed systems harms/kills pts ? This is about a very sad story about the loss of a beautiful 2 y/o due to a technician mistake, that the pharmacist didn’t catch.  This was apparently mostly because of a poor designed system.. that was having a “bad day”… Pharmacists are relying more and more on technicians to help get prescriptions filled […]

Pitfalls of Point-of-Care Urinary Drug Screening for Pain Management

Pitfalls of Point-of-Care Urinary Drug Screening for Pain Management Why might some providers want to use point-of-care (POC) urinary drug screen testing in pain management clinics? A:The most common reasons are convenience and fast turnaround time. Having immediate test results fosters patient engagement and satisfaction by reducing wait time and enabling practitioners to provide […]


Furor Grows Over Feds Issuing Warrant-Less Subpoenas A legal conflict is intensifying between federal officials and civil liberties advocates defending Americans’ medical privacy rights in a case that points to the increasingly frequent use by bureaucrats of judge-less, warrant-less subpoenas. As things stand now, the Drug Enforcement Administration is winning and privacy rights are losing. […]

neurosurgeon has been indicted on assault charges.. five counts of aggravated assault ‘He’s a Monster’: Victims Blast Neurosurgeon Arrested For Allegedly Injuring Them A neurosurgeon has been indicted on assault charges over surgeries he allegedly botched. Dr. Christopher Duntsch is accused of maiming and killing at least two patients during operations in Dallas, Texas between July 2012 and June 2013. On Wednesday, the 44-year-old was charged with five […]

Per COURT… Pharmacists have to fill certain Rxs ?

Ruling: Washington can require pharmacies to dispense Plan B This is from the state of Washington… where the legislature decided that they knew enough about medical care that they could limit opiates a pt can have to 120 mg/morphine equivalents a day. Now the court system has decided that Pharmacist MUST FILL birth control […]

At CVS The health and safety of our customers is our number one priority

Minnesota Family Says CVS Gave Them Wrong Prescription, Expired Medication A CVS in Minnesota issued an apology after accidentally wronging a local family twice. Vanessa Gilbertson said the same CVS pharmacy gave two of her young daughters wrongly labeled or expired prescriptions, KMSP-TV reported.  “It’s like my trust is completely gone,” Gilbertson told KMSP-TV. In […]