Sincerity expressed before your reach the toothpaste aisle ?

Rutter: Company reprograms its ‘Welcome to Walgreens’ campaign Life as a ventriloquist’s dummy must be disheartening. The jokes are never yours. The smile on your face is carved permanently with a chisel. You spend your life in a suitcase. Plus, your name is “Dummy.” Walgreens employees say their existence has been like that for […]

There is a lot of “lip service” to pt’s medication compliance

All healthcare professionals, PBM (Prescription Benefit Managers – Express Scripts) and insurance companies and other are all focused on pt compliance with their medications. Currently and historically, pt on-going compliance has been in the 30% range. Many healthcare professionals seem to like to bend the truth with talking/dealing with chronic pain pts or pts with […]

Can you spell BANDAID ?

Indiana allows needle exchange program to stem HIV outbreak Yesterday Gov Pence said NO NEEDLE EXCHANGE PROGRAM !  In this video he assures people that test positive for HIV.. that they will able to sign up for Indiana Medicaid program and treatment.  Estimated LIFE TIME cost to treat a single HIV pt is > […]

“Special treatment ” for DEA’s SPECIAL AGENTS ?

Government report: DEA agents had sex parties with prostitutes Several agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) engaged in “sex parties” with prostitutes paid for by Colombian drug cartels, according to a report by the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General released Thursday. Furthermore, the report’s authors say the full extent of the […]

“Boy Scout” mentality… get your MJ “merit badge” ?

Facing budget pressures, the DEA is pulling up less weed By Christopher Ingraham March 24 The number of marijuana plants seized and destroyed by the Drug Enforcement Administration fell slightly last year and remained sharply lower than the record numbers seen at the dawn of the Obama administration. According to the DEA’s records, 4.3 […]

Four lawsuits filed against CVS by former RPH’s… 8 more to be filed …

CVS Pharmacists File Age Bias Suits Over Metrics System Four former and current CVS Health Corp. pharmacists have filed age discrimination lawsuits in South Carolina federal court, accusing the company of implementing a metric-based system that weeded out older workers and allegedly caused pharmacists to make errors in filling patient prescriptions.

When you look at the larger picture…the options are ….

     If you are a regular reader, you are well aware that I always try to look at the larger picture… and not all the pieces of the puzzle of the larger picture are not always readily “see-able”.   Congress seems to be full of a bunch of […]

More changes at Walgreens to benefit the community ?

Founder of local charity says Walgreens pulling soldier fundraiser CAPE CORAL, Fla. – The founder of a local charity has been getting big thank yous from our troops overseas for sending more than four thousand care packages, but a major donation source that makes that possible is pulling the plug. If you’re a Walgreens […]

If this is what a compromise is.. what did each side want ?

After 3 years of trying, Ky. passes bill fighting heroin FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Taxpayers will spend money to keep heroin dealers in prison longer and to give addicts a steady supply of clean needles under a bill that has passed the state legislature designed to curb Kentucky’s alarming increase of overdose deaths. The […]

Indiana Gov Pense states that he is AGAINST clean needle exchange program

Ind. Gov. to sign executive order for public health emergency for Scott Co. In January there were seven cases of HIV connected with IV drug use. Now there are 72 cases of HIV connected with IV drug use and there are seven other preliminary cases. The governor said he doesn’t take his action lightly. SCOTT […]