Another Walgreen’s employee SHOT !

Suspect arrested in robbery, shooting of Scottsdale Walgreens employee gave fake name Another WAG’S employee SHOT–Drug-Store-Robbery/ SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — Scottsdale police say a man accused of shooting a Walgreens worker during a Christmas Day robbery gave police a fake name when he was arrested. Police now say the suspect is 27-year-old Kagen Sprague. Police […]

We spare no expense to find needles in haystacks

Michigan to drug test welfare recipients? Florida tried this and it was found unconstitutional…. the ACLU is suing Indiana’s AG over mandatory urine testing for chronic pain pts. What Sharpton didn’t mention was that this “war on drugs” started with the Harrison Narcotic Act 1914 passed by a Democrat controlled Congress and President Woodrow Wilson […]

Gangs using smartphone apps and social media to sell ED drugs and slimming pills at low risk and high profit

Surge in illegal sales of drugs as gangs exploit ‘phenomenal market’ online The rise of social media and greater internet access through smartphones are factors behind a huge rise in illicit sales of pharmaceuticals, according to the chief enforcement official at Britain’s medicines regulator. Criminal gangs have become adept at using social media to […]

Walgreens officials say the store wasn’t making ENOUGH MONEY !

East Knoxville Walgreens set to close on New Year’s Eve

Where is the prescription regarding patient safety ?

5 Prescriptions for $1 Billion in Cost Cuts at Walgreen Here are five ways Walgreen executives are looking to reduce expenses over the next few years: 1. A reduction in jobs and related overhead is coming at headquarters in the northern Chicago suburb of Deerfield. “We are starting at the corporate level and working […]

If you don’t speak up about your lack of care you may…

                IMO, these two graphics represents the typical chronic pain pt… as quite as a “church mouse” and as invisible as a “ghost” This showed  up on a Face Book post … My friend hung herself Christmas morning. She could no longer take the pain. She tried for […]

CVS is “da bomb” ?

Bomb Threat Aimed at CVS Stores, Multiple Locations Evacuated According to Captain Steve Watson of the Eureka Police Department, Both CVS stores in Eureka have received bomb threats. Evacuations of the Eureka Mall where Winco and CVS are located occurred as well as at the other CVS location on Myrtle. Watson said that the Eureka […]

You can keep your doctor – if you can find one to accept your insurance

Doctors Will Get Less Money for Treating Medicaid Patients Starting in January Sandhills Pediatrics, a group practice near Fayetteville, N.C., recently hired a child psychiatrist and a psychiatric nurse practitioner. It also expanded a satellite office in Hoke County, where almost a third of children live in poverty. About half of Sandhills’ 20,000 patients […]

Creating laws to cause other laws to be broken ?

Opiate scourge linked to rise in Vermont bank robberies Page introduced a program last January called “Rapid Intervention for Community Change,” which focuses on using public health strategies, quick access to treatment and more science-based risk assessments, while making sure offenders repair the harm they caused victims. Page said the program also saves taxpayers […]


Police arrest suspect in Walgreens deadly shooting A man has been arrested in relation to the shooting death of a pharmacy clerk Friday morning, according to a Metro news release. A man has been arrested in relation to the shooting death of a pharmacy clerk Friday morning, according to a Metro news release evening. […]