Pain Medication Acquisition Problems Growing, NCPA Survey Finds

NCPA has out a survey asking RPH’s if they are having more and more problems acquiring control meds… while the survey is still open.. here are some of the first comments: For some time NCPA has been aware and working to resolve the issue of an increasing number of pharmacies being unable to procure controlled […]

Interesting story floating around …

Supposedly there is this unit of  the national chain/PBM in one of the east coast state… that had nearly a 200K Rx dept  inventory shortage. It was also reported around this same time that FOUR copy paper boxes – you know the ones that hold 5000 sheets – 10 reams of paper … full of […]

Another one of those “you never know what is going to show up in your inbox days “

Late fall 2011 and again early in 2012 PA BOP and others from the Bureau of Investigation was notified  that  there was a CVS store with a RPH still on the PIC the permit.. although the RPH was no longer working for CVS for some time .. and it needed to be updated with the […]

Share how the “new mouse trap” works ! Police say an armed man held up the CVS pharmacy on Moosic Street overnight and was caught after the pharmacist threw a GPS tracking device into the stolen loot. As for the GPS anti-theft device, a CVS spokesperson says it is company policy not to comment on security measures. If it wasn’t for these BOZOS […]

If History Repeats Itself

Obamacare (ACA) seems to divide our populations into three “camps”… FOR… AGAINST… DON’T KNOW/DON’T CARE Medicare is now approaching its 50 year mark.. so .. looking at where Medicare started and where we are today.. may give us a idea of what Obamacare could be. ———————————————1966                                          2013 US Population                                          200 Million                              320 Million Medicare Population                          […]

New 12 days of Xmas !

Xmas season at the Zorek’s household !

You know that CVS is going to request any/all interactions, correspondence done by Joe since he left CVS in July 2011. Of course, one of Joe’s suits against CVS is for ADA (American with Disabilities Act) violations… How ironic to ask someone who is handicapped and suing you over ADA violations to gather all that […]

All Monopolies act the same way !

This was sent out by the exec of NCPA: It used to be a given that generic drugs equaled health care savings. The Government Accountability Office said last year that use of generics saved the health care system $1 trillion from 1999 to 2010. But like many other “givens”—mail order equals health care savings, for […]

More chopped liver ?

HHS awards $55.5 million to bolster America’s health care workforce From the article: Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today announced $55.5 million in funding awarded in FY 2013 to strengthen training for health professionals and increase the size of the nation’s health care workforce. “These grants and the many training programs […]

Wheel of Justice at CVS’ speed

I recently wrote about a fine that CVS recently paid and this case dates back to 1999 – FOURTEEN YEARS Then there was this case on age discrimination that started in 2009 That was FOUR YEARS AGO.. Joe Zorek’s whistle blower case in now moving at “CVS LEGAL SPEED ” Joe’s case started […]