Sunlight as a disenfectant

There is a lot of “antidotal talk” about all the medication errors that happen in garden variety community pharmacy.. seemingly more talk about those errors in the chain store industry. There was even a survey done by the Oregon BOP a couple of years ago The RPH’s in that survey believed that working a […]

Operating by example?

If you follow how the Federal government operates… you have to wonder if they are providing an example of how corporate America is suppose to act/function.. Maybe this administration has gotten caught with their “hand in the cookie jar” more than previous administrations…but.. it would appear that various Federal employees are pushing their immunity from […]

Some of these things sound familiar

Here is a 60 MINUTES report on the NECC mess.. a number of things that lead up to that catastrophy … are being echoed in community/retail chain setting… how much longer before retail/community errors start making the national news? Will it be the President of one of the chains that will be testifying before Congress […]

A difference of opinion

FDA meeting resistance on compounding From the article: Inspectors for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy saw things entirely different from each other as they inspected the Lee Pharmacy in Fort Smith on Feb 19, 2013. The federal inspectors found seven areas of concern in the pharmacy. […]

Could “good news” turn into “bad news”

I recently wrote about CVS’ announcement about their 23% increase in net profits Over the decades, I have seen the PBM’s claw back every increase of profits that community/retail pharmacies has managed to cobble together.. Back in 1969 when the “drug cards” came on the scene… wholesalers worked a gross profit in the upper […]

Back to reality…

This has been my view for the last month… I took a month off.. for some R&R at our beach condo ( Panama City Beach).. Actually, looking at my/this blog and I was still quite active… I had not even gotten home.. before the texts started… some 460 miles from home and abt 11:00.. […]

How close are we to the “Glass Ceiling”

Generic use reached 84% in 2012, study finds A number of years ago… it was thought that 75% generic utilization was going to be “the top”.. now it appears that ..that estimate was wrong.. Does this mean that step-therapy is really making an impact on generic utilization… The “Elephant in the room” is at […]

Another Moral Issue that we are going to have to deal with…

This was posted on another blog Regarding HB 6645, enabling physicians to prescribe a lethal dose of barbiturates to assist terminally ill patients to end their lives, I can’t help but remember a lesson from Ethics 101: For every right, there is a corresponding duty. As a pharmacist, I never signed up to assist […]

A new workplace “tactic” … “Workplace mobbing,”

How to control workplace cruelty While managers are familiar with the idea of bullying, the concept of “mobbing,” a term coined by Duffy and her co-author Len Sperry, is less understood. “Workplace mobbing,” Duffy says, is “nonsexual harassment of a coworker by a group.” The purpose is to remove the individual from a particular unit […]

Is it illegal if you don’t get caught?

This was posted on another blog… The same thing happened to me when I worked for Coram Home Infusion in St Rose, LA. I was let go after I complained to the board of pharmacy about Coram using tainted meds for patient home infusion after hurricane Issac. They insisted we use meds that were stored […]