You may have noticed that I have not been around as much

We have been at our Panama City Beach condo since Aug 2nd… Hurricane Michael took the metal roof off of our complex … some say that it was Michael’s Cat-5 status others have stated that it was a tornado that did the damage.  We have a top floor unit and our ceiling is a concrete slab… so water ran down the conduit runs and penetrations in that slab. The picture below is a satellite of our complex post Michael’s landfall Oct 10,2018 and the part of the roof missing – center left – is over out unit.  It is amazing how much damage a couple inches of water can cause..  it is also amazing how much damage that workman can do in the process of doing the repair work that they are in charge of doing…

The adjuster that the Association’s insurance company hired… – IMO – drug the Association’s Board of Directors around BY THE NOSE…  I am not going to mention any companies that were involved – not yet anyway… once everything is finalized… there will be another post… naming names..

The company hired as the primary remediation … brought in a moving company from 1000 miles away – from Michigan that was suppose to room center and wrap our furniture. Apparently the first company PROMISED the moving company a certain amount of $$ to be generated and when the legit business didn’t generate that amount they arbitrarily “pack out” units that it was determined that too much contents and too much dry wall damage… and we got chosen to be such a unit… and it was done without us signing a contract with the first company and they were the one who made the decision as to what unit were packed out…   I came down Dec 13th to find out unit COMPLETELY PACKED OUT… every piece of silverware, all dished, glasses & cups, the can goods in the pantry… they only thing left in the unit was a night stand and a dog bed…. and then we got a $25,000 moving bill… 

And they forced us to have our belonging moved back in Memorial Day week – before all the interior work had been done… they returned all of our “excessive belonging” and 170 boxes that they packed everything else in…

Luckily Florida has a “price gouging law” that goes into effect during a declared emergency and I have filed a complaint with the FL AG’s office and they are going after this company seriously and I may get a largest – or all  – of our money back for the moving expenses.

Our insurance company decided that since we did not have “wind insurance” – we have 150 MPH doors covered by 120 MPH metal hurricane shutters and nothing of any mass will get up this high… but our insurance denied any/all coverage – could have been as much as $120,000 because the water that got into our unit was INDIRECTLY WIND DRIVEN…

The people that did the drywall… only broke the kitchen sink faucet, broken half of our elec hurricane shutters and disconnected all of the R6 TV cables with WIRE CUTTERS..

I was able to hook up our TIVO system with the cable that comes into the unit and we have been able to STREAM shows from the TIVO and watched “TV” on our IPADS…

Because we didn’t know what monies that was going to come from the Association’s insurance… we built our own house 45 yrs ago… so the two of us have many VERY RUSTY skill sets … which we decided to start using… come to find out.. it is much like riding a bicycle… you never really forget the skill set.

BTW, the moving company brought back a RODENT INFESTATION back to the complex and the little varmints chewed the lines in the dish washer… causing it to leak…  looking at our dishwasher.. it was manufactured in 1998 ..but since we only stay here 2-3 months out of the year… so it was 20 yrs old… and decided to replace it…

I have not been posting much… and not been very prompt in responding to emails… and hope that everyone understands… we have been seriously preoccupied with all of the repair work on our condo. If I had the time… I could write a book … on how condo complexes and owners being on the Board of Directors – with limited experiences in a lot of areas – are “running the show “… and not doing a very good job…  But being only a single owner in a 134 unit complex… you have to go along with the crowd… and in our complex… the majority of the ownership … are more focused on what is good for their pocketbook and not what is good for the complex and the ownership as the whole.

About 100 units are rented by their owners, and since we are current been “closed” since Oct 10, 2018 and best estimate is that we will be back in the rental business Jan 1 , 2020… collectively the ownership has failed to generate AT LEAST 1.5 million in rental revenue… plus the cost of bringing their unit back to rental standards and not to mention the assessment – ours was $4700 – which may be the first of many.

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  1. Please DO write that book! You may think you don’t have time, but did you have time to repair the damage to your unit? Think of the difference you will make to others!!

    A good mind is not to be wasted nor necessarily focused on only one general topic.

    Blessings upon you both!

  2. My roof repair issues fight with SF pales in comparison to yoirs..they didnt want to cover damage due to wind either. Never heard of “wnd insurance’ homeowner insurance is no longer customer caring in my opinion..its greed pure and like health insurance. Hoping things get settled and knowing you…you wont let them pull one over on you LOL Thinking of you 2.

    • No insurance is just insurance anymore. If you even have a doctor’s appointment they ask …”what caused your visit..accident?” “workers comp?” They want a way to pass the buck.

  3. So very sorry for all your troubles with the condo, Steve. It certainly sounds like a nightmare! Thank you so much for all you do, time to take care of YOU for a bit! Many blessings.

  4. Wow, what a Nightmare. I’m so sorry Steve hearing about the mismanagement of your owners Assoc. Holy cow. I agree with David, take a much deserved vacation after it’s all straightened out and fixed to enjoy your new condo .God Bless you.

  5. I am sorry for your struggles. Agree. It must be a holy nightmare. I hope it gets figured out soon.

  6. Sorry for your nightmare Steve! To be honest I got a little break in your absence as I read and repost everything you write on several difference sites. I truly appreciate the work you’re doing to make our Healthcare System better. Hopefully you’ll be able to take a little time off and enjoy your condo when your nightmare ends. You’ve earned a good vacation.
    Thanks for all you do.
    David W Cole

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