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  1. Have u ever heard the saying,,”U can put lipstick on a pig,,but ultimately it is still a pig,”’This describes alll that is happening and ALLL those involved in this torture and genocide of the pre-existing,or chronically ill due to disease..They NEVER wanted to pay for pre-existers,Kolodny is chairmen of the Physicians Insurance company,,This was his/their goal all along,they dress it up,put lipstick on their pig faces,and they have,,claiming this bullshit data on Addiction and it is BULLSHIT,, This ,bullshit data,”;; ensured kolodnys profession money for life,,any shrink can seriously slander any one who takes the medicine opiates and deem anyone a addict..HELL EVEN PERFECTLY NORMAL HUMAN BEHAVIOUR OF WANTING PHYSICAL PAIN LESSEN’D DUE TO MEDICAL CONDITIONS A PERFECTLY NORMAL BEHAVIOUR IS NOW LABELLED ILLEGAL,,AND THOSE HUMANE ENOUGH TO RESPOND IN KIND ARE BEING DEEMED ILLEGAL,,AGAIN A PERFECTLY NORMAL RESPOND FROM ANY HUMANE DOCTOR IS NOW A CRIME THANKS TO KOLODNYS INSURANCE MONEY MAKING BLUEPRINT OF GENOCIDE ONTO THE PRE-EXISTING CHRONIC MEDICALLY ILL!!!Furthermore I see doctors claiming any physician that prescribes opiates for anything other then cancer are guilty of over prescribing,,This would also include the 350,000.00 doctors who make medical errors that Cause permanent physical pain for their patient,,THEY DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR US,,IT TRULY IS THAT SIMPLE,,!!THEY/KOLODNY USE THE DEA AS THEIR HITLER YOUTH TO ENFORCE THEIR GREEDY LITTTLE SCAM,,,ARRESTING ANY WHO USE HUMANE CARE AS THEIR GUIDE,,,,IT TRULY IS ABOUT $$$$$ AND USING THAT AGE OLD PREJUDICE OF HATRED TOWARDS A CERTAIN GROUP OF PEOPLE TO GET THE PUBLIC ON board BOARD W/THAT AGE OLD ,”WITCH HUNT MENTALITY,”KOLODNY TRULY WAS A EVIL GENIUS,AND AMERICANS FELL FOR HIS LIES HOOK LINE A SINKER,,,,I HAD HOPED OUR DOCTORS WERE SMARTER THEN SOME GREEDY MONEY HUNGRY PSYCHOPATH PSYCHAITRIST BUT I GUESS NOT,,,,
    This has happen’d before on American history,,,look at eugenics,,or all the so-called insane asylums’ now closed thank god,,,but all put up because some shrink had t sick ideation that they thought they had the rite to decide for adults how they should be living life,,or the American government did not want to pay for our war vets injured by lead bullets,,,What kolodny did is a exact repeat of the shrink in the 1800’s after the civil war,,Thee exact same as the town gossiper who claimed a women a witch and got the whole town to kill the women by burning her,how sick is that,,but that is exactly who,what Andrew kolodny has done ,,I had hoped we learned from history,,,not to repeat it,,but obviously not,,I had hoped our doctors were smarter then this,but obviously not,,,it about $$$$$$,,,and those who will literally go after the weakest in society,,the medically ill,,,and Andrew Kolodny/prop was their guy who had no problem torturing/genocide of the medically ill,,,obviously,,,tto make themselves,thee insurance industry rich by not spending money on pre-existers,,,maryw

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